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‘Scruffy’ Stapleford is on verge of grass-cutting protest petition

20th June 2013 Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , 1 Comment

RESIDENTS in Stapleford have called for the county council to make more cuts – when it comes to grass verges.

People living near Melbourne Road have said the grass near their properties is untidy and needs sorting.

And their anger is shared by the local branch of the Liberal Democrats, who have started a petition to get the situation sorted.

Grass cutting used to be handed by local councils such Broxtowe Borough, but this was taken over by Notts County Council last year.

Richard MacRae of Ilkeston Road said the quality had dropped since the switch.

Mr MacRae, who runs the Stapleford Community Group, added: “It just looks so scruffy. People living round the estate near Melbourne Road have cut their lawns and then over the road you have these grass verges that are just overgrown.

“It was better when the borough council did it, no question.

“You want to take a bit of pride in where you live and so I can see why people want something doing about it.”

And Lauren Chappell, 22, of Denver Court, added: “People living round here aren’t very happy with how the grass looks. Some of us have cut it back but it just looks a mess.”

David Watts, leader of the Liberal Democrats at Broxtowe Borough Council, said: “Until last year the verges in Broxtowe were cut by the borough council on behalf of the County, but this year the County Council decided that they wanted to do the job themselves.

“As a result many verges have yet to be cut, and we’re now in the middle of June. Where they have been cut the standard is appalling, it looks like they’ve just hacked at some areas and made a token effort. Grass has been left all over the place.

“This is just not good enough and the County Council are making Broxtowe look tatty. I’m not sure whether this is the fault of the old Tory administration or the new Labour one but someone is letting Broxtowe residents down badly.

“We’ve launched a petition calling for urgent action to be taken and I hope that as many residents in Broxtowe as possible will sign it.”

The county council has said it is responsible for maintaining verges and trees alongside more than 4,000 kilometres of highway. Weed control work is carried out twice a year.

Andy Warrington, the council’s service director for highways, said: “The County Council took back responsibility for grass cutting from district and borough councils from the beginning of April, but there have been a few teething problem.

“However, we are moving quickly to rectify that and ensure that the work is done and that we are on top of the situation.”

Councillor Kevin Greaves, Chairman of the Transport and Highways Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We have had some teething problems in a few areas but we are working extremely hard to refine and improve the service for the future.”

By Alexander Britton
Nottingham Post

1 Comment

  1. Don’t forget you can sign the petition that Councillor David Watts and your local LibDem group started, found at the following link.

    Many area around the estate people have cut the grass verges outside there own houses and made a great job of doing so.

    How can the County Council can say they have “teething problems” its cutting grass not rocket science.

    Broxtowe Borough Council always made such a good job of keeping the area looking nice and tidy.

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