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Parade is in jeopardy

23rd June 2013 Ilkeston Advertisor Tags: , , 0 Comments

Concerning an article of last week’s Ilkeston Advertiser, it kindly mentions that Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, has written to Paddy Tipping, the Police Commissioner for Nottinghamshire, asking him to ensure the future of the Stapleford Carnival.

Can I take this opportunity to clarify one or two points — it is the Carnival Parade we are concerned about.

The Stapleford Carnival on Saturday September 7 will be going ahead as usual on Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground from around 11.30am until 5.30pm.

This year we have been told that the police can no longer help with the marshalling of the parade – the Police Special Unit from Beeston Police Station used to do this in the past.

We are having great difficulties trying to put on the parade which goes from Bessell Lane to the carnival site on Ilkeston Road. The parade in past years has been enjoyed by many people, it also gives notice about the carnival and encourages people to come up along, especially newcomers to the area and visitors, as Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground is a little outside the town.

The carnival is run by volunteers under the charity banner of Notts – Derbys Hemlockstone Lions Club. We have been told that a traffic management plan is needed, which will cost a lot of money, which the Lions Club does not have and the costs cannot be taken out of carnival funds. Also we need volunteers to man the route and the parade which could run into around 40 persons, of which all must be over the age of 18.

If anyone can help us either as a volunteer or with the funding, I would be so delighted, just contact me as soon as you can, as we only have a few weeks before we have to definitely cancel the parade, which I hope will not be the case and our superb parade will carry on, as in the past.

Katharine Stewart.

Secretary of Notts-Derbys Hemlockstone Lions,

Stapleford Carnival organisers

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