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Concern over plan to demolish historic pub to build superstore

13th July 2013 Nottingham Evening Post, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , 0 Comments

PLANS to knock down a historic pub and build a budget supermarket and micro-pub have divided opinion in a Notts town.

But the landlord of the Pavilion, in Derby Road, Stapleford, says despite the fuss no final decision has been made.

Broxtowe Borough Council has received an application for permission to demolish the Pavilion due to decreasing trade.

Landlord Damien McGrath also wants to build an Iceland store on the car park – creating 14 jobs. The pub would need to be knocked down to “provide better access for service and delivery vehicles”.

Once the store is up, a “viable and sustainable” micro-pub would be built on the neighbouring site at 93 Derby Road.

The plans have caused a stir, with many residents saying the shop is not needed but Mr McGrath denied the development was a done deal.

He said: “We’ve just put the application in so we know what we can do in the future because the pub is not doing as well as it could do.

“It’s not set in stone that it’s going to be taken down – it’s just to see whether we would get planning permission.

“Iceland have expressed an interest in the site and having the planning permission in place would make the site more marketable but nothing is set in stone.

“It has caused a bit of a hoo-ha but the pub is remaining as it is for the foreseeable future.”

According to the application the micro-pub would be subject to a separate planning application and depends wholly on the success or failure of the plans to open a shop.

It would be paid for by money generated through the sale of the pub and land.

Stapleford resident Carol McCready Wheatley (also a committee member of Stapleford Community Group) commented about the proposal on Facebook, questioning the need for another supermarket.

She said: “Having an Iceland right across from Farmfoods is not on. How about a Morrisons or something for the kids, who don’t want to go to church youth clubs, to hang out?”

But Stapleford Community Group chairman Richard MacRare welcomed the plan.

“I think this could be a very good thing for Stapleford,” he said. “Iceland is a big brand and sometimes when you get one big brand others tend to follow. I think with the trams coming and the HS2 at Toton Sidings things are going to change a lot in Stapleford and as far as I’m concerned it’s all good.

“Sadly the pub is under-used, which seems to be the case with all pubs, so if this one does shut down you would hope others will benefit.

“Anything that brings jobs as well is a positive thing.”

A spokeswoman for Iceland confirmed the chain had expressed an interest in the site.

She said: “It’s still very early days but we have expressed an interest. It’s something we would like to do and we would like to open a store in the area.

“If the planning application was approved and it all went ahead it probably wouldn’t be until at least spring next year that it would open.”

By Jayne Garfitt
Nottingham Post

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