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Shopkeepers’ fears over big roadworks taking over town

23rd July 2013 Nottingham County Council, Upcoming Events Tags: , , 0 Comments

INDEPENDENT businesses say they could suffer in the coming weeks from major roadworks.
Toton Lane, in Stapleford, is set for resurfacing and kerbing works from Monday August 12 until Sunday August 25 between the junctions with Eatons Road and Brookhill Street.

Shoppers could be stopped from getting into independent stores, it’s claimed, with the work taking place between 7am and 6pm each day.

Pam Sisson, owner of Bardills Garden centre in Toton Lane, said: “Whenever we’ve had roadworks they cause a lot of hassle to the people of Stapleford, and in the hot weather people are more likely to get road rage.”

Mrs Sisson thought the work could be done overnight to avoid disruption.
“I can’t understand how in 2013 that they will cause all that disruption when they could do it later in the day. In August it stays light late enough as well. It might cost them a little more money, but think about how much easier it would be for everyone using the roads.”

Some nearby businesses think that the alterations could have the reverse effect and increase sales as some customers might think twice about the busy traffic heading towards central Nottingham.
Rachel Penn, who owns the Fruit and Flower Bowl in Derby Road with husband Jason, said: “You don’t know whether it will keep people in or out. It’s hard to say until it starts but I think some people will maybe stay in town because they can’t be doing with the traffic.

“I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with the roads, but hopefully it could be a blessing in disguise with more people staying around the local area.”

Chris Charnley, Notts County Council’s head of highway management, defended the works.
He said: “The way a road looks on the surface is not necessarily an indication of what might be going on underneath.

“You might have a road which has been heavily patched and, although it might not look especially attractive, it is however generally sound.

“Equally, a road around the corner might look OK to the naked eye but could, in fact, be structurally unsound underneath and need work carrying out on it.”

The council arranges its road works schedule by carrying out regular inspections of every road in Nottinghamshire.

It uses ground-penetrating radar to check the life expectancy of the roads.

“It’s all about trying to catch the ones which, if we don’t fix them now, will in the future cost more money to sort,” added Mr Charnley.

Ben Ireland
Nottingham Post

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