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YES! There is to be a Stapleford Carnival Parade.

29th July 2013 Upcoming Events Tags: , , , 1 Comment

A meeting took place today to discuss the Stapleford Carnival Parade.

In attendance were the following people:

Katherine Stewart, Hemlock Lions
MP Anna Soubry
Councillor Stan Heptinstall
Richard MacRae, Stapleford Community Group
Chief Superintendent Ak Khan 
Chief Inspector Richard Stapleford
Glenn Charles, UK Trini
Nott’m County Council Highways Officer
Virtus Traffic Management Solutions

All sat around a table discussing how to make the parade part of Stapleford Carnival go head.

After a long and at times very heated debate the outcome is there will be a Stapleford Carnival Parade.

We are all very upset how the Police have pulled out of the Parade part of the carnival and blaming it on guidelines they have to follow, not laws but guidelines.

Councillor Stan Heptinstall made it very clear to the police the importance of the parade and how its an event that brings the community together and the fact that they won’t be helping any more was not on.

So there will be a parade which is great but its a vehicular parade, there can be vehicles but not a walking parade, so anyone who wishes to enter the parade must have a road legal vehicle.

For further details or to book onto the parade please contact:

Katherine Stewart
Mobile- 07970744073

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