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Business park facing axe under new housing plans

22nd August 2013 Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , , , 1 Comment


BUSINESS premises, two gyms and pub could be demolished to make way for 50 new houses.

A public consultation is under way for proposed changes to the Pinfold Road Trading Estate, Stapleford.

Building consultant Paul Gaughan has distributed new plans for the area between Nottingham Road and Pinfold Lane which shows 50 new homes instead of the business units currently in the site.

Finance manager Ashley Pitcher from NSS Enterprises, who manufacture floor cleaning equipment, said: “We are against the proposal because we have been here 22 years and are happy.”If the plans do go ahead our building will be demolished which will mean we will have to relocate which will cost us money.”There will have to be a lot of changes to fit 50 houses here.”

Two popular gyms based on the site are also under threat from the bulldozer if the plans go ahead.

Owner Louis French of My Fitness Local said: “We opened in January and were told that these plans were possible.”We still have a two year lease left but I am hoping that nothing will change until a long time after that.”If I had a choice I would redevelop all the empty units not knock them down.”

Not everyone is against new development in the area.

Member Trevor Hands, 73, of B1st Boxing and Fitness Club said: “I am not against new housing because it is needed.”But you have to have things for people to do and demolishing the gyms won’t help with this.”Some of the buildings on the site are derelict and need pulling down but others have successful businesses in them.”They should build around the occupied buildings or redevelop them.”

Those living in the area are worried that the infrastructure will not be able to cope with 50 new houses.

Resident Martin Humphrey of Pinfold Lane, Stapleford, said: “I am dead against the plans because it will be murder on the roads and the infrastructure just cannot take it.”The roads will be 10 times busier and nobody wants that.”I would not be against 25 houses on the site with wide access and improved roads but anymore is too much.”

The Nags Head and Plow pub in Nottingham Road is also part of the site and will be demolished if the plans are approved.

The landlord who wished to remain anonymous said: “Everyone in the area does not want this.”If they put the formal planning application in I will fight it.”

The building consultants are asking for people to view the plans online and give their feedback.

Owner Paul Gaughan of Paul Gaughan Building Consultants said: “My client will try to relocate all the businesses within the park but this does not include the pub.”The business park itself is falling apart.”The site is no longer suitable and needs demolishing.”There is a great need for housing in the area and this project will help.”We will be submitting the formal application imminently.”

The consultation ends on Friday, August 30, and a formal planning application will be submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council following this.

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1 Comment

  1. Eve Bennett 8 years Reply

    I think this is disgusting.theres just been houses built at the feathers and behind the feathers and no one can afford them.leave thebuisnessess alone on pinfold.they have been there for yrs!! Go build your houses somewhere else and stop trying ruin peoples buisnessess

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