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Grants for Groups and organisations.

6th September 2013 Help & Advice, Stapleford Town Council Tags: , , , 1 Comment


Stapleford Town Council can award section 137 grants to groups and organisations.

Stapleford groups and organisations are invited to apply to Stapleford Town Council for grants to use for the good of Stapleford which involve the whole community.

For more information please contact the Town Clerk in the first instance at

1 Comment

  1. Stapleford Town Council have tonight reduced the section 137 fund from £1500 to £1000 for 2014.

    Councillor Brian Wombwell proposed it and Councillor Jacky Williams seconded it. 

    So now there is £500 less for local groups and organisations to apply for.

    Personally we think they should have kept it at £1500 and advertised the fact that there is such a fund available much more than they do.

    If people are aware that such funding is available then more would no doubt apply for it.

    Maybe next year after better advertising of the fund if not many local groups and organisations apply then consider reducing the fund.

    So a Councillor who lives in Somerset has  reduced the fund available to Stapleford groups and organisations.  

    Well done Lib dem Councillors.

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