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Stapleford councillor Russell Whiting resigns

16th October 2013 Nottingham Evening Post, Stapleford Town Council Tags: , , , , , 0 Comments

Stapleford councillor Russell Whiting resigns

A NOTTS councillor who lives in London and now wants to stand as an MP in Suffolk has resigned.

As reported, Stapleford North representative Russell Whiting has started the  campaign trail to become the MP for the Suffolk Coastal region – 150 miles from  the Notts town.

Yesterday the Labour Party member was adamant that he could still fulfil his  duties as a town councillor but speaking to the Post this morning he has now  said that he has resigned.

He said:”Shortly after being elected in 2011 I was offered a job in  London.

“Having been unemployed for six months I took the job, and moved the  following year.

“At the time, and since, I have had the support of both the Labour group and  others on the council, with the leader personally encouraging me to  continue.

“Having read the comments from the leader of the council, this is clearly no  longer the case.

“It was always my intention to stand a full term to avoid the costly process  of a by-election, especially at a time when the Conservatives and Lib Dems in  Government are imposing crippling cuts on Local Government.

“It is now for others who are in the same position to decide if they are able  to continue to serve.

“I would like to thank the Labour group on the council for their unwavering  support.”

The official resignation was received by Stapleford Town Council at 9.27am today and a vacancy for the position will be advertised shortly.

If more than one person applies a by-election will be called.

Council Leader Jacky Williams said:

“The cost of a by-election would be around £8000.

“We operate within very tight financial constraints with an overall budget of around £100,000 for everything we do.

“Taking £8000 out of that will hit us hard and could have implications throughout the town.

“A vacancy will now be advertised and if there is a request for a by-election there will be one but if not someone could be co-opted.”

The Stapleford Community Group called for Mr Whiting to resign when he moved to London and again when he started his campaign trail.

Chairman Richard MacRae said:

“He has definitely done the right thing.

“He should have done it sooner but he has obviously read the comments online from local people and made the right decision.

“I wish him all the best with his campaign in Suffolk.”


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