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Stapleford Town Council is pleased to be involved with many aspects of community life in the Town

24th October 2013 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Thats unless your the Stapleford Community Group, in which case you will be largely ignored.

“If you would like your voluntary groups information listed on this Web Site please contact the Town Clerk.”


This is exactly what Stapleford Community Group have been requesting for well over a year now.

” Stapleford Town Council invites local organisations to inform the Town Clerk of their contact details and to place a link, where appropriate on the web site.  Please e-mail this information to:


You are further encouraged to let the Town Clerk know of any events that your group may be holding that would be of interest to people living in the Town.”

Stapleford Community Group is the largest Community Group in Stapleford.

A committee of 12 members made up of local residents and business owners from throughout Stapleford with Chairman,  Secretary and 2 Treasurers and a bank account. 

Over 400 members on the Facebook group,  over 100 followers on Twitter and over 1000 hits a week on the website and all growing weekly.

The group has a recognised constitution,  code of conduct and a child protection policy. Copies of which are available for anyone to inspect.

Organisers of the Stapleford Jobs Fair and organising various training courses alongside various training organisations and colleges as well as organising local events throughout Stapleford.

But when we submit events to Stapleford Town Council it is very rare that we get a reply.

Stapleford Town Council What’s On Where lists lots of events coming up in Stapleford.  No mention of anything from Stapleford Community Group and we submit all we organise.

Stapleford Town Council Community Information lists various groups and organisations throughout Stapleford.  Again no mention of Stapleford Community Group despite numerous requests.

We were last told that our details will be added once they have sorted out IT problems.  There site has since been updated 3 times.

At a recent Coffee Morning organised by Stapleford Community Group we sent an official invite to Stapleford Town Council and invited the Mayor, we didn’t recieve a response and the council didn’t advertise the event. Just before the event started the Mayor of Stapleford Councillor David Grindell arrived. We had no idea he was attending.

One of the fundraising ideas was a game of guess the beans in a jar and was priced at £2.00 a go. The Mayor had two goes. No one else played the game and on opening the money box there was 19p in coppers and not £4 as clearly stated on the game.

A member of Stapleford Community Group infront of witnesses asked the Mayor why do Stapleford Town Council Lib Dem members not support Stapleford Community Group to which the Mayor replied

” It’s our leader”.

This conversation went on for a long while.

Stapleford Labour Councillors have been nothing but suportive of Stapleford Community Group, so much infact that Councillor John McGrath recently conducted a patch walk with our Chairman Richard MacRae. They visited various parts of Stapleford to sort out issues raised by residents.

Councillor John McGrath has also helped in talks with both Nottingham County Council and the Police to organise the road closures for the Remberance Service in November.

But for some reason it would seem that the controlling lib dems at Stapleford Town Council don’t support Stapleford Community Group.

In the words of The Mayor of Stapleford

” It’s the leader”

Donna Mather


  1. edith stevens 8 years Reply

    Richard , you are doing a so much good for our town of Stapleford and for individuals here, keep up the good work and ignore the Lib-dems it’s all sour grapes anyway .I and many others want to see you on the town council if only to show them up for what they are ….only interested in themselves they say one thing to your face and always have a different agenda. truth be known they are running scared of you that’s why they try so hard to stop everything you do. Jackie Williams has been heard to tell others not to have anything to do with whatever you organize and they must be afraid of her treating them like she treats you or they would speak up

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