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20mph speed limits outside schools

26th November 2013 Help & Advice, Nottingham County Council Tags: , 0 Comments

You may have noticed the traffic survey taking place outside Wadsworth Fields Primary School on Wadsworth Road today.

Nottinghamshire County Council are carrying out a survey and the details follow.

20mph speed limits 

The County Council continues to invest in providing a safe and efficient road network with vehicles travelling at appropriate speeds that reflect the function of the road and its environment.  This is undertaken through education, engineering and enforcement, funded through both capital and revenue funding sources; and setting the most appropriate local speed limit plays a key role in the safe and efficient movement of goods and people. 

20mph limits and zones are now available for highway authorities to introduce on residential and other streets where there are (or could be) significant numbers of journeys on foot, and/or where pedal cycles are an important consideration, and this outweighs the disadvantage of longer journey times for motorised traffic.

Why 20mph speed limits are being introduced outside schools

There are large numbers of vulnerable young road users outside schools at start and finish times.  Where it is feasible to do so, the Council therefore aims to introduce 20mph speed limits outside schools to make the environment safer for all road users and to encourage more people to walk and cycle to school.Research has found clear evidence of the effect of decreased traffic speeds on the reduction of collisions and casualties – collision frequency is reduced at lower speeds, and where collisions do occur there is less risk of fatal injury. 20mph speed limits introduced elsewhere across the UK have also provided additional benefits including health benefits through increased walking and cycling, as well as quality of life and community benefits.

What the scheme will include

National research and practice has shown that where the mean speed is at or below 24mph, introducing signing alone is likely to lead to general compliance with the new speed limit.  Therefore, where it is considered that the mean speed is sufficiently low, 20mph speed limits outside the main entrances to schools will be introduced using signs without additional traffic calming measures (such as speed humps). Additional traffic calming measures will only be considered where speeds remain significantly higher than 24mph 12 months after the introduction of the new speed limit.For most locations advisory speed limits which make clear the association with a school will be effective in achieving appropriate speeds. Some locations however, may need a mandatory speed limit introducing with a Traffic Regulation Order.Most schools are in residential areas so the introduction of a 20mph speed limit will have positive benefits for residents at all times of the day, weekends and during school holidays.  The Council therefore plans to introduce 24 hour speed limits outside schools on residential roads.  Variable speed limits will be introduced on main traffic distributor roads. Variable speed limits outside schools would operate with 20mph limits during school start and finish times, Monday-Friday during term-time only; and 30mph (or appropriate) limits at all other times.We are currently working with the police to develop appropriate strategies for enforcement in 20mph speed limits.

When the speed limit will be implemented

We will introduce the new 20mph speed limits between September 2013 and March 2016.  20mph speed limits outside the first 50 schools will be delivered during 2013/14 starting in September 2013, provided that there are no objections that cannot be overcome, or additional traffic calming features are not required as part of the scheme. A list of the first 50 schools where a 20mph speed limit will be delivered is detailed below. Where the type of scheme and extent of the 20mph speed limit has been determined, you can click on the school name to view further details. This webpage will be updated regularly to keep you informed about the 20mph speed limit to be installed outside each school. Speed surveys are currently being undertaken outside all the other schools so that a rolling programme of 20mph speed limits can be delivered throughout 2014/15 and 2015/16.

What you should do if you oppose the scheme

Consultation will be undertaken with residents if their property falls within a proposed 20mph speed limit. Letters will be sent to these residents once the extent of the scheme has been determined and they will have at least 28 days to respond to the proposals.

Written comments can be sent directly by email to: 

or posted to:  

Transport Plans and Programmes
Trent Bridge House
Fox Road
West Bridgford
NG2 6BJ. 

Unfortunately, due to the large number of responses that may be received in response to any proposed 20mph speed limit, it is not always possible to respond individually to all replies. All comments will however, be reported to the relevant Cabinet Member as part of the monitoring exercise. 

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