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Anger after fall proves accident fears over damaged Stapleford pavement

7th December 2013 Nottingham County Council, Nottingham Evening Post, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 0 Comments


A PENSIONER required eight stitches after falling and smashing his head on a pavement – despite multiple requests for it to be repaired.

Retired office worker David Wheatley fell outside his home in Kennedy Drive, Stapleford.

He suffered a laceration to the face and had to be taken to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre for treatment.

The 69-year-old said:

“My face is a mess.

“I smashed the bridge of my nose and split my lip which needed eight stitches.

“We have reported it to the council in the past and not a lot has really been done to it.

“It is very uneven and has needed repairing for years.

“At the time, I was coming back from watching The Bible at the pub when I fell.

“It was about 9pm and the only thing I had to drink was a cup of coffee and I am usually steady as a rock on my feet.

“I struggled to sleep that night because of the pain and I still have neck ache from the fall.

“Hopefully, they will now fix it properly.”

Previously, Stapleford Community Group had asked Nottinghamshire County Council to repair the cracked and uneven pavement as part of the authority’s pledge to spend £500,000 on improving walkways to encourage people to walk to shops and schools instead of driving.

Chairman Richard MacRae said:

“We are fuming about this because we have asked for them to be replaced.

“Someone did come and look at them and filled in some of the gaps with cement but that was not enough.

“The job needed doing properly and they should have pulled everything up and re-laid it.

“It was an accident waiting to happen and now one has.

“It could have been a lot worse and if they don’t do anything about it someone else will fall.”

Nottinghamshire County Council’s district highways manager for Broxtowe, Dave Walker, said:

“A routine annual inspection on pavements in the Kennedy Drive areas was carried out in July this year.

“A poor area of concrete outside numbers 43 to 45 was reported in July and repaired in August but there are currently no plans to resurface Kennedy Drive.

“I have, however, arranged for an inspection of the footways to be undertaken.”

Source of information

Here are pictures of the pavement where David was injured.





The concrete laid by Nottingham County Council can clearly be seen. This is nothing short of a bodge job.

Stapleford Community Group have also reported another broken pavement after many requests from local residents.


This broken pavement is near the bridge on Melbourne Road and by Byron Court.  Again requests have been sent to the Nottingham County Council highways department who have refused to repair the damage. Several people have tripped here and this is another serious accident waiting to happen.

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