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Five hundred homes earmarked for green belt in Toton

8th December 2013 Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottingham Evening Post, Stapleford & Trowell Rural Action Group (STRAG), Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 0 Comments


FIVE hundred new homes have been earmarked for construction on green belt land despite promises it would be saved from development.

The news came at a public meeting held by Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry over the future of the stretch of land off Stapleford Lane in Toton.

More than 200 people attended the event at Greenwood Community Centre, off Banks Road, in the village on Saturday afternoon.

The plans for new housing were revealed by Labour Councillor Steve Barber after being asked how he voted at a council meeting held in November.

He said that both he and the Liberal Democrat leader on Broxtowe Borough Council David Watts had voted ‘yes’ to the proposal at a ‘panic’ meeting.

The chairman of the Development Control Committee on Broxtowe Borough Council added:

“It’s not good news. If you want good news then don’t come to me because I haven’t got any.

“The inspector said that Toton appears to be a good area for growth.

“But nothing has been signed away at all.”

The announcement left residents angry as they felt they had been ‘lured into a false sense of security’ by the council.

Councillor Watts had previously said on April 30 on the Battle Of Broxtowe Blog, set-up before the Nottinghamshire County Council elections earlier this year, that:

“I can absolutely guarantee that the council has no plans to allow building on land opposite Bardills.

“Absolutely, unequivocally and completely.”

Speaking to the Post Councillor Watts said:

“This is not a U-turn because that would imply that we had a choice in the matter.

“The council did not want to do it and we have said so consistently and that has been our approach going into the inquiry.”

He added:

“The planning inspector said that we had to give a figure and 500 was the minimum we could get away with – it’s about damage limitation.

“The residents will no doubt be disappointed and I share that disappointment.

“It is something I am doing with no pleasure whatsoever but given that we have to build there it is something we want to have a say in.”

Conservative MP for Broxtowe Anna Soubry has been campaigning to save the green belt land in the borough.She said:

“We have enough Brown Field land for 3,000 houses so evidently something is going wrong here.

“What is supposed to be government policy is not going on in the real world.”

She added:

“As it states in the government’s National Planning Policy Framework green belt land should not be built on unless there are highly unusual circumstances.”

Following residents’ concern over the development Ms Soubry urged them to write to the planning department of Broxtowe Borough Council with their objections.

Chairman of Stapleford Community Group and member of campaign group STRAG (the Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group) Richard MacRae was angered by the proposal.

He said:

“The people of the community who live here and actually use the land should have a say in what is done with it – it shouldn’t be decided without their consultation.”

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  1. Michael Rich 8 years Reply

    It is interesting to hear that the Tory administration in Rushcliffe has also had to bow to the inevitable. See:

    What we are failing to understand is that the owners of the land want to build and the rules have effectively stifled opposition. If the Council refuses and does not identify suitable sites, the developers appeal and the council loses any control. This was explained over and over again to Rushcliffe several years ago when I was chair of JPAB, but they insisted they would get away without a plan and without following the rules laid down in Westminster. They dropped out of the JPAB arrangement, so weakening it, and went their own way. Our MP said Broxtowe should do likewise. Rushcliffe have now had to cave in, so all their bluster did was to raise false hopes.

    As I explained in my submission to the inspector, the problem was not the total number of houses required in the Greater Nottingham area, but rather the allocation which was done on an arbitrary and quite unfair basis. I believe Rushcliffe knew that if the allocation had been fair, their share would have been much increased and Broxtowe’s reduced.

    The Council is on your side, not in opposition to your wishes, but they can’t just stand on the sidelines and boo like some no doubt well meaning activists are doing now. The referee has given the goal and that’s that. Sacking all the players and starting again would only compound the problem.

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