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Stapleford woman speaks of her heartache as husband is given only six months to live

17th December 2013 Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , 0 Comments


THE wife of a man who has been given only six months to live has spoken of her heartache.

Former forklift driver Paul Wilson, of New Eaton Road, Stapleford, was diagnosed with lung disease three years ago.

It was a diagnosis which changed the life of his family forever.

The health of the 53-year-old has deteriorated and he now needs a 24-hour oxygen supply and care from his wife, Helen, and professionals.

Mrs Wilson said:

“We were told a couple of months ago that Paul has between six and 12 months to live.

“Originally, doctors thought that it was more like five years, so the news was a complete bombshell.

“I am trying to stay strong for my husband but he is very frightened.

“There have been a lot of tears and sadness and before all this he used to be a bubbly and outgoing person.”

Mr Wilson also suffers from connective tissue disease as well as Type 1 diabetes and is regularly visited by a nurse organised by Breathe Easy – a support group providing information for people living with lung conditions.

His wife has set up a fundraising raffle, which will take place on Friday at the Magpie pub, Toton Lane, Stapleford, at 8pm to raise money for the charity

The 55-year-old said:

“He has been suffering for the last three years.

“When it first started, the doctors thought he had a chest infection but eventually he had an MRI scan and we discovered that only small parts of his lungs are working.

“Paul has a nurse come and she is great to both of us, which is why we want to raise some money to say thank you.”

Despite being terminally ill, Mr Wilson is still trying to live life to the full.

He said:

“We are both trying to still live our lives and make the most of what we have.

“My nurse has started coming to me every week and she has been a big help.

“She puts your mind at rest and answers any questions we have.

“She makes a real difference, which is why we want to raise some money so others who need it can also benefit.”

The couple have already raised £450 for the charity.

Barbara Preston, secretary of the Nottingham branch of Breathe Easy, said:

“Any money raised is extremely useful and can make a big difference.

“When people donate money, we ask them how they would like it to be spent. It is usually spilt into two parts, with the first going to the British Lung Foundation for research and the second part generally goes to improving the quality of life for our members.

“Donations are absolutely vital because lung disease is the second biggest killer in the country.”

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