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The Jaguar Pub Set To Close.

21st December 2013 Local Businesses, MP Anna Soubry, Stapleford Community Group, Upcoming Events Tags: , , 3 Comments


Sadly planning permission was granted on Wednesday for development to take place at The Jaguar Pub on Hickings Lane, Stapleford.  

So tomorrow evening will be the day the doors sadly close for good.

The Jaguar wasn’t far off 50 years old.

Another great community asset is now going to be lost and shops built on the site acording to the planning application.  

1 large shop and 2 smaller ones. The development company LSP Developments have in the past built Health Centres and Co-Operative stores. 

People are angry and rightly so.  

What we feel the brewery should have done was put a sign up asking for new management.  

Give soneone else a chance to take over as landlord.

All the place needed was to be made disability and child friendly.  

A small refurb and people would have been going back in again. 

A pub is a great part of any community and now that’s being taken away. 

Local residents wanted to meet with the brewery and contacted there MP Anna Soubry who in turn wrote to the brewery, the meeting never happened.

Local people wanted the chance to talk to the owners as they had so many wonderful ideas. 

Local borough councillors could have called in the application so it could have been discussed at a committee but they didn’t.  

Well why would they. 

When you live in Somerset (as does the Stapleford North Ward Lib Dem councillor who still represents people of Stapleford) how can you know how people are feeling in the area living so far away. 

Stapleford Community Group have time and time again said we need councillor’s who live in the ward they want to represent to be able to successfully represent us. 

So could The Jaguar have been saved? 

Simple answer is yes.

Yes it could have been if our councillor’s represented us as they should do. 

We have been told the doors close on Sunday.  

So if you fancy a last drink in a great pub then best get along tomorrow for a last drink. 

Its a sad day for Stapleford. 

Donna Mather


  1. Claire 8 years Reply

    it’s true about the place need disability access years ago I really struggled to help my mum in jaguar pub.

  2. Amanda 8 years Reply

    if people was up front with us in the first place ie Landlord, we may have been able to save it we asked every week what is happening

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