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Preparing For The Upcoming 2015 Election

7th January 2014 Help & Advice, Nick Palmer, Upcoming Events, Updates from Politicians Tags: , 0 Comments

This is the third of the three New Year emails. Unlike most of the ones I write, this is just written for people who would like to see me get back as their MP, or who would at least like to see me have a level playing-field as I work to prepare for the election.

Candidates always say “This is a close 2-horse race”, but in this case it really is – the 8th closest race in Britain. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for a third party because you want to add a vote to their national totals, but you’re essentially abstaining from the choice of your MP if you do: either our current MP or I are likely to be your representative after 2015 (see the table at the end). That’s why the other parties haven’t even selected prospective candidates yet, though UKIP, the LibDems and Greens will do so eventually.

There is too much negativism in politics, and I don’t want to win because I’m not somebody else. I’ll be standing because I want to represent people in Broxtowe with a mixture of progressive values, willingness to criticise intelligently all parties including my own, and straightforward old-fashioned hard work for constituents.

If you’d like me to have a good chance of representing you again, there are several ways that you can help.

  Sign up for a postal vote

So often on election day people who planned to vote for us find it’s not possible, for perfectly normal reasons like illness, family problems, or working away that day.


Yet a higher proportion of people with postal votes always vote, since they have more than a week to cast their votes. In 2010, the speculation was that I actually won the election on the day, but lost once the postal votes were counted.

 If you’d like to vote by post next time, either call Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3276 and they’ll send you a part completed form. Or you can download the form from the council’s website here:  . If you do it now, you’ll have it for all elections in future (unless you decide you no longer want it). Don’t leave it till you need it – you won’t feel like doing it then! And of course it doesn’t commit you to voting for anyone. It just makes it more certain that you can.

  Please forward my emails

My emails reach 10% of homes in the constituency. I’d like to make that a lot more, so people know what my approach is and can judge for themselves whether they like it. Please pass on anything you think interesting to friends.

  Help deliver my newsletter

Every time I write to all constituents we hand deliver to over 40,000 households. We’re dependent on hundreds of people offering to deliver a couple of hundred copies every few months.  This normally takes 2-3 hours so isn’t too time consuming.


The Conservatives send most material by post, something we can’t afford to do. Delivering by hand helps us to balance the financial advantage the Conservatives have. If you can offer your help in late January/early February and are not already involved just drop me an email at

  Contribute to my election fund

Last time, we estimate that the Conservatives outspent us by nearly 2-1: They have wealthier donors, including important donors from outside Broxtowe. If you can contribute to my election fund, it will simply help me fight on a level playing field.

 It’s easy to donate. You can do it online by clicking on the Paypal button at Alternatively you can make an online transfer or set up a standing order. 



Broxtowe CLP
Sort Code:   08-90-74
Account number: 58020100



  Consider joining us!

Joining the Labour Party helps fund our activities. Membership entitles you to participate at any level that you like, including attending party conferences and meeting future Ministers to debate policies, helping to select our candidates at elections and even standing for selection yourself. We have a lively and active network of local branches and you will be made to feel very welcome. You can be as active as you want to and nobody expects you to do more – most members just give a hand when they have time. And it’s important that parties do have a steady inflow of new members, to keep both ourselves and the democracy around us fresh.


Join online at – click ‘Join’.

It’s not every day that we have as close a contest as this. In fact, Broxtowe is facing the tightest battles in its history and I really need your help. It’s a short period of 16 months, but a crucial one. Please help in any way you can.


Thank you!



PS The result last time was:

Anna Soubry





Nick Palmer





David Watts

Liberal Democrat




Mike Shore

British National Party




Chris Cobb

UK Independence Party




David Mitchell




 between 1st and 2nd place



 overall turnout




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