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Stapleford neighbours against Co-op plan as former pub The Jaguar faces demolition

21st January 2014 Broxtowe Borough Council, Local Businesses, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , , 0 Comments

A PUB will be demolished to make way for a new convenience store next to a controversial housing project.

The Jaguar, in Stapleford, closed for the final time at the end of last month and now a Broxtowe borough councillor has revealed that a new Co-operative supermarket will be one of three new stores to take its place.

Proposals have already been submitted for a 450-home development at nearby Field Farm, although they are currently under review.

But people living and working in the area are opposing plans for the Hickings Lane pub site, saying a new supermarket is not needed and the Jaguar should have been saved.**

Resident Eve Bennett, of Central Avenue, Stapleford, said: “I am within walking distance of the proposed Co-op but I still don’t want it. We have told the council what we want but it is not happening. If it was up to me, I would see the Jaguar re-opened as a family pub with Sky sports.

“At one end of my road there is a Sainsbury’s and at the other is a corner shop.

“There is also a massive Co-op in the centre of town, so we don’t need a second one.”

The Co-op would potentially serve residents on the proposed Field Farm development off Ilkeston Road, Stapleford.

However, the application to build the homes is still awaiting a decision by Secretary of State Eric Pickles – who “called in” the plans for further scrutiny because of the location on greenbelt land.

Lesley Walker of Ewe Lamb Lane, Stapleford, said: “I don’t see why the Jaguar has to go, because it has the potential to be a great pub.

“As for a Co-op – I can see why it will be needed for the 450 new houses being built. Yet, why could it not have been planned to include it on the site of the new builds, then the pub could have been saved for all these new families to use?”

The owner of nearby Premier Stores, in Montrose Court, Stapleford, is also against the proposal.

Mr Singh said: “I do think that it is a waste of time and they should build flats on the site instead.

“We do not need a new shop and it could take money off the other corner shops in the area.”

Details of the two other businesses which will occupy the site are still to be confirmed.

Councillor Steve Barber, chairman of Broxtowe council’s development control committee, said: “I believe that one of the units is going to be a Co-op.

“It is good to see that the land is going to be put to good use. The Co-op seems an ideal shop with the likelihood of 450 housing being built across the road.”

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**The Jaguar could have been saved. Councillors could have called in the application but chose not to, why would they. With one of the Stapleford North Ward Borough Councillors living in Somerset and strongly for development on Field Farm why would a small issue like a community losing a grest asset be of interest.


  1. maria thomas 8 years Reply

    my daughters live in that estate, and would greatly benefit from not having to use the smaller shops, but using a big cheaper store instead. currently if they want to do a weeks shopping they either use the My15 bus back from stapleford, or the Route 18 back from Beeston. both of which are really bad, costly services. Walking home from the new co-op would make the shopping trip cheaper, easier and faster.

    • edith stevens 8 years Reply

      sorry but when has the co-op been cheaper!! and don’t forget IF this is going to be the co-op then it will be a “local” one and therefore even more costly.
      It will stop some shoppers from actually going into Stapleford and using other shops there.
      If these new shops are for the benefit of new houses (field farm) then let them be built there,
      To those who give planning permission DON’T forget we already have shops in Montrose court,

      • sally jones 7 years Reply

        A co-op? Whilst I agree a convenience store offering more choice would be great, the co-op is perhaps the most expensive option! I live locally and avoid the main co-op at all costs due to it’s prices, so I doubt I shall ever use the local one due to be built. I’d rather have seen a local tesco or similar on this site. Believing you could do a weeks shop here is delusional. I have visited one of their local stores in west bridgford and the choice is limited and expensive! If we must be forced to accept a local store please choose something other than the co-op!

  2. michael 7 years Reply

    Ok but the premiere shop on ewelamb lane shut awhile ago saying refit opening soon and as never reopened so another shop near by cannot be a bad thing.Everybody was moaning about lack of shops in stapleford but when they do build people still moan a no win situation. This is what we call progress and the little people like use don,t matter and don,t have a say

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