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Self Propelled Wheelchair Wanted ASAP

7th May 2014 Help & Advice Tags: 0 Comments


Can you help us locate a Self Propelled Wheelchair for a local resident. 

They have been given one but it is not self propelled so needs someone to push them around all the time.

Can you help us find a self propelled wheelchair so the person can get out and about on there own.

Maybe there is an unused one in a shed or outhouse, well it could be put back into use and really make a difference to someone’s life.

Contact us on mobile 07740344427 or email and we can arrange collection. 


  1. steve 7 years Reply

    Any wheelchair can be converted to become self propelled , it just needs the battery pack and motor fitting on it. this can be done at any mobility shop .

    • Sorry about the confusion. What we meant was one that the person can push themselves using the big wheels. As some wheelchairs only have small wheels so need to be pushed.

      It isn’t a motorised one they are after.

      But thanks for the comments all the same.

  2. Thanks for all the kind replies.

    We have now picked up a wheelchair and dropped it off.

    A personal thanks from the person we took it to as well.

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