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[BroxtoweInfo] Sunday's meeting and brief response to comments

11th August 2014 Nick Palmer, Updates from Politicians Tags: , 0 Comments

Hi all –

As promised, details of Sunday’s meeting to discuss Gaza and related issues. 

We are holding a public meeting on the events in Gaza in Beeston on Sunday evening. (“We” is Broxtowe Labour party, but all are welcome regardless of political persuasion.) I’m speaking along with Elizabeth Tsurkov, who is an anti-war and anti-occupation blogger; she will be speaking from Tel Aviv. The meeting is at 

7pm Sundat at the Youth and Community Centre on West End, Beeston. 

Parking is available. Please pass this on widely if you live in Broxtowe or surrounding areas. They will be a voluntary whip-round to cover costs and any surplus will go to (I suggest) the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal now that it’s been launched. 

I am going to be focusing on the immediate issue of the embargo on arms to the region that I feel we should be impiosing on ourselves and urging on others and also on ways beyond the current crisis that we could encourage through the UN, the EU and direct relations with the region for a future where this doesn’t happen again and again and the two peoples can live in peace with a chance of prosperity. What needs to happen and what can we do to make it more likely?

I’m actually in Shanghai for work at the moment and it’s been a long day, but I’d like to thank everyone who sent in the vast feedback, I’m very grateful for the almost unanimous support for the embargo proposal and the real concern that people from all parts of the political spectrum are showing. The majority simply agreed with my comments, and many have forwarded them to friends and urged me to publish them elsewhere. Some disagreed, but always in polite terms and i hope they feel they had reasonable responses in return. (I apologise to one person who wrote specifically about the tunnels and concrete – I’ve lost the email and perhaps he can write again?)

i hope that many of you will join the discussion on Sunday. Thanks to everyone who has written – including those who disagreed – for their active concern. The number of replies saying they didn’t care and hey, it’s a long way away was, in fact, zero. People do care.

Nick Palmer

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