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Community welcomes £50,000 improvement plans for Stapleford park

20th August 2014 Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottingham Evening Post, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , , , , 0 Comments


Eight-year-old Bradley Simpson cannot wait to for his local park to be revamped so he can play in the same area as his little brother.

Bradley, who lives in Stapleford, was told by his mum, Amanda, that the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground is being improved in next few months.

He said he was looking forward to the two playgrounds (one for younger children and one for older children) being merged so that he could spend more time with his three-year-old brother, Alfie.

Bradley said: “At the moment the park looks old. I think the plan is good. I like to idea of the two parks being put together so me and Alfie can play in one place.”

Amanda, 31, said: “The park has got worse over the years, it looks old and tatty. I just think it needs updating and improving. It will be good to combine the parks so my children can play together.”

Stapleford Community Group, Groundwork Greater Nottingham, and Broxtowe Borough Council** have been awarded a £49,999 grant from WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited) to improve the park.

The council has also put in £6,250 funding.

Improvements will include new footpaths, more seating, planting wildflowers and relocating, merging and buying new equipment for the two play areas.

Stapleford resident Kristina Krampusa, 24, regularly takes her one-year-old daughter, Sophia, to the park.

She said: “At the moment I think the park is good anyway, I see a lot of people down there, but I think an improvement would make it even better.

“It is amazing they are going to get new play equipment for the children.”

Chairman of Stapleford Community Group, Richard MacRae, said a public consultation took place to see what residents wanted to see improved at the park.

He said: “It’s something I have been trying to do for three years now so I am absolutely over the moon about the funding. The people who we have spoken to are overjoyed, they are really excited about it. For the people who already use the park it is an improvement for them, and for the people who don’t, hopefully it will encourage them to come and use the facilities.”

Mike Taylor, director of Environment at Broxtowe Borough Council said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded this funding which will allow for much needed improvements to Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground. As well as a new stone surfaced footpath to provide an accessible route around the park throughout the year, improvements will be made at the play areas on the site.

“The outcome of a further bid (submitted to BIFFA Waste Services for a similar amount), would allow more extensive improvements to be made to the play facilities will be known in November.”

Cheryl Raynor, the local Grant Manager for WREN, added: “The regional panel chose to fund the improvements at the recreation ground as the evidence of support from the local community showed overwhelmingly that the improvements would be welcomed and help them enjoy this open space.”

Community welcomes £50,000 improvement plans

**Stapleford Community Group would like to thank Councillor John McGrath, he kindly got Broxtowe Borough Council to print us the flyers we delivered to residents in the vicinity of the park for the consultation we carried out.

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