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Accident Waiting To Happen.

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The junction of Hickings Lane and Washington Drive is an area where an accident is waiting to happen.


This red van is parked daily on the junction and causing a huge obstruction to drivers who have to pull out of Washington Drive onto Hickings Lane before they can pull out of the road and commence with the journey.


With vehicles constantly parked along the pavement on Hickings Lane outside this show room you can clearly see the view is blocked, many times vehicles parked on the pavement do not even have tax or registration plates. They even have vehicles marked up for sale, trading on the highways.


Often carrying out repairs on the vehicles on the pavement is both dangerous to the workers and people who want to walk along the pavement, it is a main School route.


If it is not the red van it sometimes this one, parked on the junction causing an obstruction and creating a danger to both drivers and pedestrians alike.


This problem was brought to the attention of one of our Borough Councillors at a CAT Meeting, but it continued.

Several emails have been sent to the Council and the Police, please see them below. The County Council replied as did the Police, sadly the Borough Councillor never replied to any emails.


From: Councillor Richard MacRae
Sent: 16 July 2014 16:26
To: Iris White; Laura  Trusler; Anna Soubry; Farrell, Peter, PC739; Freeman, Andy, PCSO 8043; Barlow, Karl, PC2882
Subject: Parking on the Pavement


Good afternoon.


We are still having major issues with parking on the junction of Hickings Lane and Washington Drive,  caused by the car show room.


As you can clearly see in the picture taken around 350pm today, the garage continue to park on the pavement blocking and view from traffic pulling out of Washington Drive onto Hickings Lane,  Stapleford.


They are also working on the vehicle too and here all 4 wheels are off the ground. The other week it was a massive 4*4 Range Rover again all 4 wheels off th ground.


The route is a busy junction and also a main school route.


Residents with prams and pushchairs as well as wheelchair users can’t get around as the pavement is blocked.


This is happening daily.


They also park vehicles along the pavement on both Washington Drive and Hickings Lane.


It is an accident waiting to happen.


I have brought this matter up at Stapleford Town Council, and asked to have it on the next agenda, I keep mentioning it at the Stapleford Traffic and Transport Committee meeting and also at the last Stapleford North Ward Community Action Team meeting. Nothing gets done.


Surely this is a matter for the Council to deal with.  We do report it to the Police and I know they do go in and speak with the business owners but they just don’t listen and do as they wish.


Hopefully someone from Nottinghamshire County Council can help wiyh this matter before there is an accident and someone is hurt or killed.


Many thanks


Richard MacRae

Stapleford North Ward Councillor


Barlow, Karl, PC2882

Jul 16
to me, Iris, Laura, Anna, Peter,, Andy,



As per our earlier conversation, I have visited the showroom and spoken to the people involved.  Strong advice has been given to both the contractor and the garage representative.  I have outlined my expectation that future work is completed within the boundaries of the garage and not on the carriageway.  I have also highlighted that they may also become liable under health and safety legislation, as there were wheel nuts all over the pavement, which were cleared under my supervision.


Although I am always happy to help resolve local issues; I am limited in what I can do in relation to this issue.  It may be worth approaching Trading Standards or the Health and Safety Executive, as the impact of a vehicle moving off the wheel ramps, with pedestrians about, could be catastrophic, and operating part of the business from the public highway is also not acceptable.


I will leave you to liaise with PC Pete Farrell, as this is part of his beat, and the other agencies.  I have taken some photographs of the scene, should these be needed at a later date as evidence.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.





PC2882 Barlow
Beat Manager – Bramcote and Stapleford Southeast
Stapleford Neighbourhood Policing Team


From: Lynn Connelly

Date:20/08/2014 14:17 (GMT+00:00)

To: cllrrichardmacrae

Subject: ref 3131751 – Washington Drive


Dear Councillor MacRae,


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the car show room at the junction with Washington Drive and Hickings Lane Stapleford.


Our Inspector has attended site on 15.08.2014 at 13.40pm, and although there were cars parking half on half off of the carriageway they were not causing an obstruction, nor were they advertised as “For Sale”


Nottinghamshire County Council took on responsibility for Civil Parking Enforcement on May 12th 2008 in conjunction with the Borough Councils. This meant that the Borough Councils (in this case Broxtowe) became responsible for enforcing the parking restrictions (such as single and double yellow lines) across Nottinghamshire.

However, in the absence of formal parking restrictions, traffic offences such as obstructive parking (for example, parking partially or wholly on the footway or over a vehicle access); still remain within the remit of the Police.


Also, trading on the Highway would be a Broxtowe Borough Council issue.


I have provided a short text from the “Legislation Trading on the Highway Clean Neighbourhood Act 2005” on the subject of Trading on the Highway.


“Nuisance Parking Offences and Abandoned vehicles”


Section 3 (1) sets out the particulars

of the offence: A person commits an offence if:


  1. a) he leaves two or more motor vehicles parked within 500m of each other on a road or roads where they are exposed or advertised for sale, or
  2. b) he causes two or more motor vehicles to be so left.


Section 3 (2) sets out a defence:

A person is not to be convicted of an offence under subsection (1) if he proves to the satisfaction of the court that he was not acting for the purposes of a business of selling motor vehicles.


Section 3 (3) sets out the penalty:

A person guilty of an offence under subsection (1) is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4

(currently £2,500) on the standard scale.


I am sorry I cannot provide a more positive response, although I hope the information will be of use to you,


Yours Sincerely


Lynn Connelly

Highways Liaison Officer

Nottinghamshire County Council


Councillor Richard MacRae

Aug 22 (13 days ago)

to Laura
Could you please resend your reply dated 16th July 2014 with regards Hickings Lane/ Washington Drive and the parking I am unable to find it.
Many thanks

Councillor Richard MacRae

Stapleford North Ward
Stapleford Town Council

Laura Trusler

Aug 26 (9 days ago)
to Jacky, me

Dear Mr Macrae,


Thank you for your email.


I was on leave at the time of these emails and upon my return this matter had already been dealt with by the local Police. I have attached this email for you.


Kind regards,




Laura Trusler

Senior Highway Liaison Officer

Highways South


Richard MacRae

AttachmentsAug 26 (9 days ago)

to Peter, PCSO, Anna, PC
i recieved this email from Nottinghamshire County Council, they say it is down to Broxtowe Borough Council to carry out lines and such, sadly our Broxtowe Borough Councillor Iris White who is aware of this issue does not reply to any emails she is sent.

i will contact Broxtowe Borough Council and see what i can organise as in a site visit and request for yellow or white lines. I would recommend they go from the corner of Washington Drive/Hickings Lane and upto the gate at the community centre, so opposite Hobart Drive…..
Any thoughts.
Richard MacRae

Richard MacRae

AttachmentsAug 26 (9 days ago)

to dave.walker, Lynn, PC, Peter
thanks for the reply, there are currently no parking restrictions on this junction and thanks for attending to have a look, unfortunately the police have been called out on 2 occasions in the past week with regards issues caused by this garage, the other day there was close to being a serious accident.

vans are constantly parked on the path/road on the junction of hickings lane and washington drive, they are carrying out repairs on cars on the pavement and blocking the junction and the pavement, if this is left there will be an accident and it is this we need to avoid.
please find some pics included of some of the incidents we face daily.
can we please request either yellow line/s or at least a white one from the junction of Hickings Lane along Washington drive upto the gate at the washington drive community centre. this will sort out the problem and avoid an accident from happening.
many thanks
Richard MacRae

Farrell, Peter, PC739

Sep 1 (3 days ago)
to me

Hi Richard,

This is my first day back from leave today. I would fully support your request for double yellow lines and in addition I think two or three small concrete bollards would solve the problem.







As you can clearly see the Police are being as helpful as they possibly can and are as ever very supportive of the issues being caused. We are now awaiting a reply from Nottinghamshire County Council.


All we need is Yellow Lines, failing that a White line from the junction of Hickings Lane along Washington Drive to the gate at the Washington Drive Community Centre. The idea of Bollards along the pavement would also work.



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