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Eagles soar over Stapleford at charity carnival

7th September 2014 Local Businesses, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , 0 Comments


JOHN Longdon has been coming to the Stapleford Charity Carnival for as long as he can remember.

Showing off his gorgeous Ariel Huntmaster motorcycle with his pet dog, Sadie, nestled in the side car, he was among hundreds at the event.

He said: “I’ve spent a year restoring this bike and taking it out to steam carnivals everywhere – I’ve got the side car so I can bring the dog along too ,” said the 68-year-old of Hemlock Avenue, Stapleford.

“I think the carnival is a brilliant, it’s a first class local carnival, I’ve never missed it.”

The carnival, which took place on Saturday at Stapleford Recreation Ground, was brimming with activities from falconry shows, a vintage car rally, shopping and even a traditional tug o’ war.

Bird handler Chris Miller wowed the crowds with a display from his 9-kilo Golden Eagle, Sky.

Youngsters gasped with awe as the magnificent bird flew across the fields of the Stapleford Recretation Ground.

During the performance, a grey buzzard eagle belonging to another handler, flew off and got cosy on the roof of a nearby house, to the amusement of the audience.Mr Miller said: “It’s the third time I’ve been here, it’s a great little event.

“The best part has been just educating people about the birds.”

The carnival has taken a year to organise and aims to raise thousands of pounds for good causes, as it has done in the past.

CLIC Sargent, Pastures Community Church, The Boys Brigade were among dozens of groups fundraising.

Katharine Stewart of the Notts Derbys Hemlockstone Lions club, has been helping put the carnival together for the past five years.

She said: “There’s always so much to do and think about.

“The best part has been meeting up with all the volunteers and seeing all the new acts performing this year as well.”

Sixty six-year-old George Gould of Reville Crescent, Stapleford, said it was an event the community always looked forward to.

He said: “I do this every year – I only live a mile away and I want to support the local community.”

“I love all the old vintage vehicles – anything with class, nothing electronic.

“If I can’t fix with a bent screwdriver and a hammer I’m not interested.”

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