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History In The Making At Stapleford Town Council

7th September 2014 Stapleford Community Group, Stapleford Town Council Tags: , , 1 Comment


A historic event took place in Stapleford on Friday 5th September 2014

The first ever Stapleford Town Council meeting was recorded after new rules passed by Government now allow members of the public to do so.

Stapleford Community Group members Donna Mather and Danni MacRae recorded the Full Council Meeting on Friday evening whilst sat in the public gallery.

Council meetings have always been open to the public and anyone wishing to attend has always been more than welcome to, but with people having different reasons for not attending they can now watch the meeting online at there own leisure. 

It is also a good way to hear what happens inside the Council chamber as minutes from meetings never reflect what really happened due to there lack of information. 

Here you can watch and hear the full meeting.

The sound is not excellent as we recorded this using an Ipad mini. We are now looking into getting some different recording equipment which will pick up more sound.

You can watch the Stapleford Town Council Meeting here.

1 Comment

  1. Grenville Green 7 years Reply

    81 Views already. Great success, cost effective and transparent.

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