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Beware of bogus phone calls

12th September 2014 Help & Advice, Nottingham County Council Tags: 0 Comments

A report has been made by a Nottinghamshire resident stating that he was cold called by someone claiming to be from the County Council; the caller asked to speak with the resident about a car accident.

The resident realised it was a scam call and did the right and hung up.
The County Council will never contact you to discuss car accidents or any other claims management type scenario. If you do receive a call from someone claiming to be from Nottinghamshire County Council and you are at all unsure about it, ask for their full name and say you’ll contact them back.

You can then ring the County Council on 0300 500 80 80 to verify the identity of the caller.

If the caller is bogus they will probably hang up without giving you any details

Message sent by David Brocklebank (Nottinghamshire County Council, Trading Standards Officer, Nottinghamshire)

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