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Stapleford Town Centre Management Team Meeting 12th September 2014 Minutes.

9th October 2014 Broxtowe Borough Council, Stapleford Town Centre Management Group Tags: 0 Comments

Stapleford Town Centre Management Team Meeting 12th September 2014

Minutes of the above meeting.
Matthew Batterham
Luke Cairney
Martina Henderson
Gary McGrath
Sara McLuckie
Richard MacRae
Brenda Mills
Cllr Jacky Williams

Helen Blanshard
Craig Barrett
Barbara Demetriou
Nichol Dexter
Judy Somekh
Paul Sweeney

Matthew Batterham welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies of Absence
See above.

1) Iceland

– The Town Team’s feedback on the new development was positive overall, with mention to the additional footfall it has generated in the town centre and additional free parking provision now available in a central location. Cllr Williams raised her concerns about the car park layout and mentioned that there were several vehicles not parked within dedicated bay areas. Luke and Matt also stated they had seen several cars parked along the boundary with no parking bays visible.


The car park layout to be investigated and referenced against block plans from planning department. An overall figure of employment offered to local people and contracted hours to be obtained from Iceland and fed back to the group.

2) Weekly Market

– It was raised that the flower stall had been displaying goods on the floor next to the war memorial. Several team members reported that they had received complaints prior to the meeting, with residents saying that this was disrespectful and the war memorial should be kept clear. It was also raised that the unstable number of stalls attending could be detrimental to the market’s long term success. A monthly farmers market was suggested for Saturdays going forward.


All above to be fed back to Carly from Stall-It.

3) Gazebo

– Martina shared that this was now available for hire from the Stapleford Town Team, with a reserved market space included at the Tuesday market for £10.00 per day booking. The gazebo is available for hire to local schools and colleges studying business related courses, charities, community groups, all start-up and established local businesses for promotional and entrepreneurial purposes. The gazebo will be reserved on first come first served basis. Martina produced a copy of the terms and conditions document for members to review.

4) Aldi proposal

– It was shared that All Stapleford Town Centre businesses on the team’s database received a form and details to comment on the proposal for the new Aldi store at the site of the Pinfold Trading Estate via email. It is believed Aldi also delivered paper copies to businesses in the town centre. Businesses are invited to express their opinion to Aldi directly and copy into the email. This should allow Town Centre Management to collate and forward all retailer feedback to the planning team for consideration in receipt of a formal planning application.
It was stated by a representative for Aldi that Broxtowe Borough Council could receive a formal planning application within 6 weeks of the pubic exhibition held on Wednesday 3rd September. It was also shared that they had received a 96% satisfaction rate towards the development from 300 members of the public by the date of the exhibition. None of the 300 responses were received from local businesses at that time.
It was raised by several members of the team that they were concerned about inviting a multinational such as Aldi into this location, as they may not adequately contribute back into the town centre if allowed to proceed with the development. The view was that Aldi like other larger retailers in the past, may positively engage the community at the beginning of a planning process to gather local support, later relinquishing on any promise of support to the established town centre community it would be joining and is likely to affect. The town team also agreed to scrutinise how many jobs the development would bring to Stapleford and assess how many would be lost from the demolishing of the Pinfold Trading Estate to make way for the development.
Actions: An investigation into the number of employees, their contracts, staff sourcing process and job loss at Pinfold Trading Estate will be initiated by the town team.

5) Start Your Christmas in Stapleford event
a. Cllr Williams agreed that the Town Council may provide 500 goodie bags for Santa to give out to children visiting the Grotto and would also cover the cost of a vintage barrel organ providing an official request is submitted.

b. Gary highlighted the importance of making future town centre events self-sustainable financially and suggested organising a raffle at the Christmas event that could be held before the switch on. Local businesses could be approached to donate prizes, with all funds raised going towards the next Christmas event.

c. It was proposed that the team could carry out bucket collections during the event to help fund future events. It was shared by Cllr Williams that this was also done at events like The Hemlock Happening.

d. It was agreed that the team could look into having Santa arrive at the switch on via a double decker bus like the previous year’s event.

e. The team discussed that they were still searching for a person to switch the lights on together with Santa, Stapleford and Broxtowe Borough Mayors. The group agreed that the individual does not need to come from Stapleford, with the search widening to whole of Nottinghamshire. Nottingham Forest players were recommended as a magnet to attract more to the switch on event.

f. Please see attached document for list of attractions on the day.


a. TCM to send an official request for goodie bags and a vintage barrel organ to Stapleford Town Council.

b. Organise a raffle and contact local businesses to see if they are interested in contributing.

c. Research whether raising money via collection buckets is feasible. If so, buckets with lids to be ordered.

d. Richard to make enquiries into the open top bus used at last year’s event.

e. Contact Nottingham Forest Supporters Club regarding a personality for the event.

f. Follow up with businesses to take advantage of the additional footfall and potentially sell food and/or beverages at the evening on the Walter Parker V.C Memorial Square

6) Budget

– The team were presented with the most up to date budget. Matthew suggested that the remaining £4,000 be pre-allocated to hold a summer event in 2015 and contribute towards the light switch on event for 2015.
7) ‘Great British High Street’

– It was noted that Brenda had created a strong application to nominate Stapleford for ‘Great British High Street’. An email confirming acceptance of the application documents have been received by the team. The Town Team took a moment to thank Brenda for taking the time to complete the application and keep all members of the Town Team in the loop during the process.

8) Disability Ramp at Blend Barbers

– It was shared by Cllr MacRae that Blend Barbers had approached him with a request for a financial support towards a disabled ramp for their business. The team agreed that this should be funded by the business itself.

Actions: It was agreed that TCM would look at the insurance and highways implications to having both a removable and permanent version of a ramp installed. Following these findings the Town Team agreed that they may discuss this point again in the future.

9) Certificates for long established businesses

– Long serving businesses to be awarded certificates acknowledging long service to the town centre. It was agreed that the certificates should follow the same milestones as wedding anniversaries (e.g. 20. Porcelain; 25. Silver; 30. Pearl; 35. Coral; 40. Ruby; 45. Sapphire; 50. Gold). It was also agreed that Marshall Allen could receive their certificate at the open meeting in October, with the business celebrating 25 years in Stapleford this year.


All local businesses to provide date of establishment, so the Town Centre Team can make sure everyone is included in nominations for the award.

Next meeting:

Open Town Centre Team meeting at the Meeting Place
On Thursday 2nd October 2014 from 18.00 – 19.30

The following Town Centre Team Meeting will be held at the Maycliffe Hall (Toton Ln, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7HA) on Thursday 30th October 2014 at 18:00

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