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2 Local Lads, 1 Petition and a Parking Problem.

16th October 2014 Nottingham County Council, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , , 0 Comments


Jake Thornley (27) and Dwayne Buckley (30) both of Windsor Street want action taking over parking issues on the street they live on.

Residents living on Windsor Street, Stapleford can’t even park outside their own homes.

Having contacted Nottinghamshire County Council who have said they will be extending the double yellow lines another 8 metres these two lads set about asking the neighbours what they wanted. The extended double yellow lines isn’t the answer is what they are saying. They want residents parking only.

Extending the yellow lines won’t solve the problem it will only move it further up the street. A problem which is caused by people working near by who turn up first thing in the morning and park on the street all day, despite the car park close by only costing £1 a day to use.

Having contacted Nottinghamshire County Council the two lads started a petition and all but one of the neighbours have signed it.

The petition will be handed in to Nottinghamshire County Councilor Jacky Williams who has agreed to present the petition to Council and ask for action to be taken. 

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