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Peatfield Road Development

16th October 2014 Help & Advice, Nottingham County Council, Stapleford Community Group 1 Comment


Potholes, Mud and Stones, this is what the residents of Peatfield Road and Harrison Road are being subjected to every day.

Having been contacted by angry residents members of Stapleford Community Group went to visit the area earlier today.


Lorries are parked across the drive ways of people who live in the area, blocking access to their drive ways.


Due to the lack of parking spaces the area can at times be very cramped with cars parking in any available space. It would be difficult to get an emergency vehicle down the road at times.  But where are the people expected to park?

The roads are a complete disgrace and it’s having an effect on the area. Children are covered in mud before they even get to School.

We have contacted Broxtowe Borough Council and spoken to the Street Cleansing Team who are looking into coming out to sweep up. We have also contacted Nottinghamshire County Council regards the issues too.

Ultimately it should be down to the developers to tidy up as they go and have some respect for the local residents who live there.

Peatfield Road Development Video. Here you can watch a short video of what the residents are having to put up with.

1 Comment

  1. Dear Mr MacRae,


    Thank you for your email and the link showing the photographs.


    I have informed the local Highways Inspector of the issue of mud / detritus on the road surface. I will of course email you again in this regard.


    The obstructive parking issues would be a matter for the local Police who do hold the powers to issue penalty notices in the absence of formal parking restrictions.


    I hope this information is of use to you.


    Kind regards,




    Laura Trusler

    Senior Highway Liaison Officer

    Highways South

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