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17th October 2014 Broxtowe Borough Council, Help & Advice Tags: , , 0 Comments


Report of the Director of Housing, Leisure and Property Services 

1. Purpose of report

To seek Cabinet approval for the provision of three new bungalows on the site of the former garage block adjacent to Peatfield Court, Stapleford.**

This is in accordance with the Council’s priority to provide good quality affordable homes for all residents. 

2. Background 

Cabinet on the 8 January 2013 resolved that delegated authority be given to accept a package of new affordable housing provision at six sites in the Borough in partnership with Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) and Westleigh Developments Limited subject to an upper capital cost to the Council of £2.3million. 

The schemes at Hall Drive in Chilwell, Midland Road/Church Street in Eastwood and at Wilson Road/Plumptre Way (also in Eastwood) have been completed.

The schemes at Peatfield Court in Stapleford and at Wyndham Court in Chilwell are about to commence. 

3. Proposal

The original proposal at Peatfield Court was for the construction of 4 new bungalows on the garage site that would be in the ownership of the Council.

This has had to be reduced to three bungalows in total because of the condition of the site and the requirement to have sufficient land to allow a quality build to be developed. 

4. Financial implications

A tender exercise has been undertaken for the building of the three bungalows and the cost is estimated to be £285,850.

The build contract is to be provided through the Council’s development agreement with our partners NCHA.

The financing of the scheme will depend upon the amount available as uncommitted in section 106 receipts for affordable housing and the value of capital receipts held from right to buy sales that are available.

These two sources will be used first to fund any amounts payable to NCHA with the balance being met from additional borrowing from the Housing Revenue Account.  


The Cabinet is asked to RESOLVE that:

1. a supplementary capital estimate of £285,850 for the building of three bungalows at the former garage site at Peatfield Court in Stapleford be approved.

2. the scheme be provided via the Council’s development agreement with Nottingham Community Housing Association.

**This was agreed at the Broxtowe Borough Council Cabinet Meeting last night, sadly the agenda for the meeting has only just been shared online. Had we of known this was on the agenda last night we would have mentioned to the Cabinet members about the poor state the area is in due to the current work being carried out. 

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