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Film of Stapleford Town Council Meeting Held On Friday 24th October 2014 At 7pm.

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We filmed the Stapleford Town Council meeting held on Friday 24th October 2014.

You can watch the video here.

You can find details of the agenda here for this meeting.

During the meeting there was a discussion with regards the Moults Yard Planning Application , our Chairman and Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae abstained from voting on this application. Although he wants to see brownfield sites such as Moults Yard be built on he would also like to see something done to bring Bobs Rock to the attention of the public. (Although it is private land and owned by a local farmer).

Bobs Rock could be a great visitors attraction like the Hemlock Stone, a visitors centre to show off the Archeology and History of Stapleford.

It is for this reason he abstained from voting on this application and also asked for Bobs Rock to be added to a future agenda of Stapleford Town Council for further discussion.


Bobs Rock Outcrop

Three Stones Project

Video of Bobs Rock 

The links above give various information with regards Bobs Rock.

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