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The Twelve Top Crime Prevention Tips of Christmas

17th November 2014 Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: 0 Comments

The Christmas period is almost upon us. We want you to enjoy the Festive period but please follow these simple steps to ensure that your Christmas is not spoiled

1. A house in darkness may indicate that no one is at home so use timer devices to switch on lights. 
    Leaving a radio or television playing makes it sound as if someone is at home and  can help to deter burglars.

2. Keep your curtains or window blinds closed at night to stop people seeing whether anyone is at home and to stop them seeing your possessions. 

3. Make sure that you lock all windows and doors even if just leaving home for a few minutes.

4. Leave a spare set of keys with a trusted neighbour. Never leave them outside or in a garage or a shed.

5.  Give consideration to whether you leave gifts under the tree. While they do look lovely to you they are also very inviting to a criminal glancing through the window. 
     If you do display gifts under the tree leave it until much nearer Christmas.

6. After Christmas take present boxes to the council waste re-cycling centre or cut all the boxes up and conceal them prior to the arrival of the bin men.
    Unfortunately some criminals will look in rubbish bins to see what present boxes are there to ecide whether or not to target an address.

7. Lock away garden tools and ladders and don’t give a helping hand to the opportunist criminal by leaving them out. Consider securely chaining ladders and valuable tools as an extra deterrent.

8. Make sure that your Family do not leave valuable presents such as bicycles on the garden where they can easily be seen and stolen. Ensure that they are placed in a securely locked shed or garage.

9. If you are going out for the evening please ensure that you book your journeys with a reputable firm if you are going by taxi.

10. If you are going make sure that your property is safe and secure by following a few sensible rules:
     Lock your doors. Astonishing thought it may sound some people will go away on holiday and not do this. 
     Use timer devices to switch on lights and radios.
     Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour. Ask this neighbour to pick up mail  and open or close curtains or blinds at appropriate times.
     Make sure that milk and newspaper deliveries are cancelled.

11. Don’t advertise the fact that you’re away on your telephone answering machine. 

12. Don’t advertise on Social Networking sites such as Facebook that you are going away. Please ensure that your Children do not do this either.

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