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Warning over counterfeit Disney Frozen snap bracelets

24th November 2014 Help & Advice, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , 0 Comments


Parents are being warned about potentially dangerous snap bracelets with counterfeit Disney’s Frozen branding.

The toys, which are made up of a flat steel spring band sealed with a plastic cover that wraps around a wrist when slapped against a forearm, are cheaply available on online auction sites.

But now a parent has raised concerns to Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards team over two packs that she bought online.

Unlike more expensive versions, these bracelets have a very thin layer of plastic that is likely to rip, exposing a sharp cut-up piece of metal measuring tape that could cut a child’s wrist.

Julie Brooks of Newark said: “I bought these online for birthday party packs and then saw on Facebook a horror story where a cheap snap bracelet cut a child’s face.

“I was horrified when they arrived as they looked so poorly made, so I decided to cut one open and found a cut up metal tape measure inside so it was clearly not designed to be used as a toy.

“I got a refund but I just want to warn other parents to steer clear of these dangerous items before there’s an accident.”

Nottinghamshire County Council has warned of the dangers of using the toys.

Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle, chairman of community safety committee, said: “As Frozen merchandise is the latest craze this Christmas, many parents are struggling to find items for sale and may be tempted to buy counterfeit versions online.

“As this example shows, cheap toys from outside the European Union available from online auction sites are often not well made and have not undergone any safety tests so can be lethal for children to handle.

“As these snap bracelets come into close contact with a child’s wrist, these versions could cause a lot of harm so we are urging parents to avoid them at all cost.”

Residents who know of similar bracelets being sold in Nottinghamshire should contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06.

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