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Rest In Peace Leon Polya

30th November 2014 Stapleford Community Group Tags: 0 Comments



Anyone who new Leon Polya would know what a one off character he truly was. Not just a mathematical genius but also a true artist and one of the funniest people around in his own way.


Leon took his life last week and will sadly be missed. Details of the funeral will be posted once they are made available.

Anyone who works/worked at the Marks & Spencer Warehouse in Long Eaton would remember the stories sat in the canteen at break times that he would tell.

Please take a look at some of the art that he created over the years and if possible please share with others.

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  1. Phil nurse 7 years Reply

    It’s been 12 years since I saw Leon but I will fondly remember him as an honest, endearing and decent bloke. He will be missed by so many- a sad loss x.

  2. ed donohoe 7 years Reply

    all i no is an old school mate changed his name to his must hav been verry impresionble person for that to happen

  3. Heather Bailey 7 years Reply

    I never met Leon but after first encountering him on the Friends Reunited forums some 10 years ago, I reconnected with him later on Facebook. He was a fascinating and erudite guy, as interested in philosophy, literature, Bach and – latterly – politics as he was in maths (in which area I’d say he was a genius). His art works intrigued me and he always had something interesting to say, often from a ‘leftfield’ viewpoint. I’m really sorry to learn he is no longer among us. I shall miss him.

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