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Video Breathes Life Into Respiratory Support Group

23rd December 2014 Help & Advice Tags: , 0 Comments

The chief clinical officer for the NHS in Nottingham West is singing the praises of a self help group that is transforming lives.

Breathe Easy is a self help group for people with respiratory problems supported by funds from NHS Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group. Nurses patients and doctors from the Nottingham City Hospital have now created their own testimony to the groups success by making a very entertaining video to encourage others with the same problems to seek help.

The four minute homemade video is set to the soundtrack of the 1990s Corrs hit Breathless and even features the Mayor of Eastwood urging people to seek help if they suffer from breathlessness.

Breathe Easy is led by former nurse Teresa Burgoyne: “The group meets regularly to help people to build up their lung capacity through exercise and fun! COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a condition that affects 1 million people in the UK. The condition kills 30,000 people each year. It can be managed through medication and regular controlled exercise. The group helps people to understand and better manage their condition so they can lead as normal a life as possible.”

Dr Guy Mansford, chief clinical officer for NHS Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group said: “ The best way of managing a chronic condition such as COPD is through a combination of medication and the right kind of exercise. Breathe Easy is literally changing lives and giving people who could barely walk up the stairs the ability to live with their condition instead of being ruled by it”.

People living in Eastwood or Kimberley, Toton, Wollaton, Chilwell, Beeston or Stapleford and surrounding areas, who have concerns about regular breathlessness should contact their GP and can also seek support from the Breathe Easy support group who meet on the second Wednesday of each month from 1.30pm until 3.30pm in the Catholic Church Hall, 280 Nottingham Road, Eastwood NG16 2AQ or call 03000 030 555

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