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Press Release from Anna Soubry MP

8th January 2015 MP Anna Soubry, Updates from Politicians Tags: , , , 0 Comments

Anna Soubry MP has accused Broxtowe Borough Council of wasting council tax payers money after its cabinet voted to spend £20,000 on a feasibility study into extending the tram line to Kimberley.

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry said;

“Broxtowe Borough Council is not the transport authority so any report is of little value. The construction of Nottingham’s tram line to Toton has caused chaos in Beeston, Chilwell and Toton. The tramline is at least six months behind schedule with rumours of a year long delay. If Broxtowe has a spare £20,000 they could spend a fraction of that on an inquiry into what has gone so badly wrong and learn the lessons.

“Before anyone can decide whether phase 3 of the tram to Kimberley is a sensible idea we need to see if Beeston recovers from the tram works and whether the line brings the promised regeneration. We also need a full enquiry into the chaos that has surrounded the project and ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated.”

“We need a thorough investigation into whether there are more cost effective ways to improve public transport and tackle traffic congestion in the north of Broxtowe. The Borough Council, was not alone in getting a cut in funding from the Government, but it squanders council tax payers money. Tonight’s decision is deeply irresponsible and I am pleased Conservative Councillors did not support the decision.”

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