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Anna Soubry MP: Doing The Right Thing

13th January 2015 MP Anna Soubry, Updates from Politicians Tags: , 0 Comments

With the leaders of both the Conservative and Lib Dem groups on Broxtowe Borough Council I have called on Kimberley Borough Councillor Richard Robinson to resign from the Council’s Cabinet (I think he should also step down from the Council but accept we are four months away from the elections in May). I believe the Green party Town Councillor in Kimberley, Kat Boettge has made a similar request.

This follows an interview Councillor Robinson gave to BBC Radio Nottingham in which he admitted asking people to post pro-tram comments using aliases on web sites and social media.

You can listen to the interview here

I fully support Conservative leader Richard Jackson’s comments;

“Cllr Robinson holds a responsible position on Broxtowe Borough Council. By condoning fraudulent posts on social media in support of a crucial council vote on spending £20,000 he has demonstrated that he is not a fit person to hold that office and he should resign. If he is not prepared to do that then the Labour Party, locally or nationally, should take action to remove him.”

It is not the first time Councillor Robinson has resorted to these sorts of tactics; he admitted writing a letter to the Eastwood Advertiser to support his own cause using someone’s name without their permission. It is to be hoped this is the last time Richard Robinson enages in this type of underhand behaviour.

As you may know there have been many allegations about this sort of shabby tactics using aliases on web sites like Bramcote Today, the Nottingham Post and social media sites. I very much hope that Labour, who have thus far said nothing about the matter, will condemn this sort of activity. I hope Richard Robinson, who also works for the Labour MP Gavin Shuker, will do the right thing and resign from the Cabinet.

Tram Enquiry, Supporting Beeston And Building A Better Broxtowe !

On a more positive note I have today written to both the Secretary of State for Transport and the Chair of the House of Commons Transport Select Committee calling for an enquiry into the extension of the tram route through Beeston and Chilwell and Toton. Any such enquiry can takes place once the tram works are completed – after the May elections.

As you know I am a supporter of trams; I did not agree with the route but accepted that the tram was coming and we had to make the very best of the situation.

As your MP I have fought long and hard to help residents somehow managing to live with tram works, businesses blighted by the tram works and commuters stuck in the congestion and chaos. I have secured a hardship fund for businesses on High/Chilwell Road and an extension of the compensation scheme to all businesses affected by the tram works.

I am now very concerned about a number of small local businesses in Beeston on the verge of bankruptcy who need urgent support and I am working to achieve just that.

Beeston is a great town with a proud history and I am working to make sure it has a bright and positive future. We all want Beestont to thrive and recover successfully from the tram works so we are able to take advantage of the tram when it finally arrives.

Wherever you live in Broxtowe I am sure you will feel empathy for residents and businesses in Beeston and would ask you to do everything you can to support them.

There are many lessons to be learnt from the tram works which will benefit us all throughout Broxtowe. In principle I support the extension of the tram to Kimberley but not before we have had an enquiry and we can all be sure those many lessons have been learnt.

Finally, I am very proud that yesterday the Prime Minister chose Beeston to launch the key elements of the Conservative Party manifesto.

As ever,

Anna Soubry

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