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Shoe Aid Van Appeal

8th February 2015 Help & Advice, Shoe Aid Tags: , 0 Comments



Shoe Aid is a (soon to be registered) charity established to raise awareness for, and help, the 1 billion people worldwide who do not have the ability to obtain a pair of shoes, which are necessary for hygienic and health reasons, for work and school, due to the devastating ills of poverty.

300 million of these are children and 70 million are denied an education because shoes are a requirement of enrollment.
We collect unwanted shoes and distribute them at home in the U.K. and abroad as aid relief. Currently we are self funded and collect donations in our small car.

In order to be able to collect as many shoes as possible and keep our fuel expenses to a minimum we really need a van.

We believe that walking barefoot should be a choice, not a hardship.


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