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So Where Is The Stapleford Aldi ?

20th February 2015 Broxtowe Borough Council, Local Businesses, Local Job Vacancies Tags: , , , , 15 Comments


Plans for a new Adli store in Stapleford hang in the balance now it has been asked to look at different sites in the town.

Aldi carried out a CONSULTATION at The Meeting Place on its multi-million pound plans for a new food store at the Pinfold Trading Estate, off Nottingham Road, back in September 2014.

Aldi had hoped to submit the planning application by the end of the month but has criticised Broxtowe Borough Council for asking it to now look at new sites.

One of which is the former Police Station on Toton Lane, which is currently owned by Broxtowe Borough Council.

A spokesman for Aldi said: “It is disappointing we may have to review our plans for Stapleford. We hoped after over eight months of discussions the officers’ reservations about the initial design had been resolved. It is frustrating that at this stage we are now being asked to look at alternative sites.”

The store would create 40 much needed jobs and have 121 car parking spaces. Aldi says if it set up shop at the former police station, parking provision would be reduced to 32 spaces.

Aldi also says it has had a positive feedback about its proposals at the Pinfold Trading Estate following the consultation carried out at The Meeting Place.

Steve Barber, vice chair of the development control committee and Broxtowe Borough Council, said: “Concerns exist that this, an out of town shopping centre, could take business away from the main shopping district. Our core strategy is to maintain the retail activity on our high streets.”

Stapleford Councilor Richard MacRae says ” Allowing Aldi to build where they want to build on the Pinfold Trading Estate would be the ideal place, it won’t take trade away from the Town Centre, what it will do is bring life to that end of Stapleford and also encourage people to shop along from The Roach up to the Aldi store, it could encourage other businesses to take up the empty units along Nottingham Road too and it would be great for The Meeting Place and any future planned development for the former Whitley Mill site”

Jacky Williams, leader of Stapleford Town Council, added: “Stapleford residents would welcome an Aldi in the town and I would like to see their detailed plans.

“I would also like to see the town centre and the former police station developed, whether that’s by Aldi or not.”

Councillor Richard MacRae also says that “many people don’t want to see the former Police Station knocked down, it’s part of the history of our great town and instead of being knocked down it should be converted for future use but retain the character of the original building”

“I also don’t think local residents will be happy to hear that the only public toilets in the Town Centre could also be closed down too as part of the plans to so called develop the former Police Station site, not to mention the loss of two Community Centres”

Stapleford Conservative Councillor John Longdon said “It should stay at the Pinfold Estate because putting any such shop at The Roach would not be good for people crossing to and from the shop” he was very concerned about that the Council are doing.

Whilst Stapleford Labour Councillor John McGrath went on to say that “I fully support Councillor Richard MacRae with what he has said and I also agree it should be placed where Aldi want to build on Pinfold Industrial Estate”

Stapleford Aldi plan gets thumbs-up

Anne Rogers, 42, who lives in Mill Road, was impressed by the proposals.

She said: “It will be very convenient for me to use the store and I know it’s a good way to save money. It will be great to have a cheap grocery store right on the doorstep.

“It’s also great that it’s going to bring more jobs to the area.”

The Rev Dave Mansfield, of Wadsworth Road, also attended the meeting.

The 58-year-old said: “I think it’s great – this end of town needs brightening up and it seems like this will lift the neighbourhood.

“My wife loves Aldi, so she will be very pleased. It will mean more business for Stapleford and more jobs for local people.”

Pauline Frost, 68, of Talbot Drive, added: “Aldi seems to have taken off in recent years and a lot of people like it.

“I like the products and they are good value for money. I will certainly use the store if it does get built.”

Richard Conway, property manager at Aldi, said the new branch would be a typical five-aisle Aldi store with 106 car parking spaces.

He said: “We’re hoping this store will bring a lot of people who shop at Aldi back into the area. At the moment, they have to go to Long Eaton or Ilkeston.

“We also hope it will bring far more links with local businesses such as greengrocers and butchers, as well as jobs for local people. Our aim is to help revitalise the area.”

We was going to release an article yesterday then put it off until tomorrow, but after reading the article linked below on The Nottingham Post website we have just written this and used some parts from various coverage about Aldi from past articles off The Nottingham Post.

Stapleford Aldi plans hang in the balance after council asks store to look at new sites


  1. Toby Hewson 7 years Reply

    Totally agree with Richard McRae. The rejuvenation of the High Street East of The Roach should be a priority. There are already businesses, restaurants and pubs on this road but they are thinly spaced. New development could attract more investment and jobs which would make the area thrive as part of the High Street experience, not separate to it.

  2. Phil Jones 7 years Reply

    I cannot believe that BBC is coming up with this suggestion after all this time. Have they got something against Stapleford. The derelict Pinfold Lane site is ideal and hardly out of town and it seems it what Stapleford residents want and need as opposed to the opposite with Field Farm.

  3. Elaine Briggs 7 years Reply

    Keep it on the original planned site. This area is still stapleford. It should hopefully extend the high street and encourage more units between it and the roach. Too many traffic issues if you locate at police station. And we need community facilities retaining in the area not losing 2 of them. Listen to local voices don’t disregard our opinions again

  4. edith stevens 7 years Reply

    Building Aldi at pinfold estate is hardly ” an out of town shopping centre” , because of the free car parking many shoppers will visit local shops first, and then go back to Aldi. This area is an important entrance into Stapleford it needs this store then other shops will follow.
    What is wrong with the council planners have they finally lost the plot. Please do not destroy one of Staplefords original buildings we have lost so many already, and also please ensure we do not loose the Auther Mee center.

  5. Jacqueline Dixon 7 years Reply

    The initial proposed site of Aldi on Pinfold Lane is ideal and the best location. The area is crying out for redevelopment and has good access roads around it.

    The new suggested site at the site of the former police station is not right. The building is a focal point of the town and should be preserved and used for community purposes.

    The traffic at the Roach is heavy at most times of the day and access to a supermarket would add to the congestion.

    Dependant on access to the store, more traffic would probably head along the Blake Road which is hardly passable anyway due to parking. Extra traffic will endanger children in this residential area.

  6. edith stevens 7 years Reply

    about two years ago the Stapleford Town Council handed out a questioner form about re-developing the police station and surrounding area. the questions were so loaded so to get the answers that they wanted, so a lot of people wouldn’t fill them in, I’m just wondering …has anyone seen or heard of the results of this?
    I’m also just wondering …wouldn’t the former police station make a really good town hall, and then leave the community centers and toilets as they are?

  7. How out of touch the local council and councillors are (with, thankfully, the exception of Richard) Pinfold Lane is obviously the best location as it will solve an eyesore and extend the shopping experience. Whose palms are being greased with money to get the outcome that’s wanted by the minority I wonder?
    Oh I remember why they’re out of touch now, because they spend half the year abroad and NOT in Stapleford

  8. laurasimpson1 7 years Reply

    Very concerned about the future of the Police station too – we must band together to protect our heritage or there will be nothing left 🙁

    • mewlaw 7 years Reply

      keep it at the original proposed site I say. I do have one question though, if BBC didn’t own the police station I bet it would be the first to object to demolishing it for a new build. We need to keep a few old buildings to remind us of times past. Surely the council can see that, oh I forget they have blinkered vision. Well done Richard

  9. Simon B 7 years Reply

    To build of the site of the police station (which incidentally SHOULD NOT be demolished) would be blatantly ridiculous. If anything Aldi should be at the originally proposed site at Pinfold. To build at The Roach/Police station site would do nothing but cause inconvenience and traffic issues to the residents of Stapleford.

  10. Jethro 7 years Reply

    Here’s a radical suggestion…… about using the old Police Station building as a POLICE STATION ? We might get a bit less drug dealing, car crime, burglary and drink-related violence if the nearest copper was actually in Stapleford instead of Beeston.

    • Simon B 7 years Reply

      I find it insane that a town the size of stapleford doesn’t have a police station. That’s actually a brilliant idea

  11. joruth1967 7 years Reply

    The facade at least of the Police Station needs to stay. It is an imposing and rather beautiful building that adds some sense of style to the Roach and to the image of Stapleford.
    As for putting the Aldi there – it is ridiculous! The access would be dreadful and the parking insufficient. And the visual impact would be dreadful! The Pinfold site is ideal for an Aldi for all the reasons others have already stated. What is wrong with the planning people and BBC: anything we have worth saving gets knocked down.

  12. Gordon 7 years Reply

    What an absurd idea of using the police station to house Aldi, What an earth are the council planners thinking of.
    The original proposed Pinfold Lane site has so much going for it, it has the space and cries out for redevelopment. It has easy access far, more than I can say for the police station which is
    situated on a busy junction. The police station should be use for law and order. Get some coppers in it.

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