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Bardills Island Unnecessary Confusion

21st February 2015 Broxtowe Borough Council, Help & Advice Tags: , , , , , 1 Comment


The sooner NET finish the works at Bardills Island the better, before there is a serious accident. 

So many complaints are received from people worried about the possibility of a serious accident, so many near misses are being reported.

The problem seems to be that the sign back along Toton Lane tells you to use one lane but if missed the road markings then tell you to use other lanes, the matter is not helped by the fact the lane to Stapleford for some reason is closed off. So people use the lane for West along the A52 to Derby then cut across then also use the lane for East along the A52 to Nottingham but also cut across.

You really do need to pay extra close attention to the other drivers.

But why is the Stapleford lane closed, who knows. 

Councilor Milan Radulovic leader of Broxtowe Borough Council has asked John Delaney to make representations to NET about traffic situations round Bardills Island and will get back to us once he gets a reply.

In the mean time take care up there and please keep sending us details of what’s happening around the Island.

1 Comment

  1. Phil Jones 7 years Reply

    It been like it for months – how long can a job like this take. The tram should have been fully up and running by now anyway

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