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Bollards Now Cause A Problem That Wasn't There Before They Appeared

24th February 2015 Nottingham County Council Tags: , , , , 3 Comments


Last week this set of Bollards appeared at the junction of Moorfield Court and Braddon Avenue, creating a problem that previously didn’t exist.

There was not a parking problem along this stretch of road but now one has been created. The residents are know having to park further down Braddon Avenue near the junction with Hickings Lane which is a problem.

Parking in Stapleford needs to be looked at, with more people having cars than ever and families having two or more there just isn’t the space to park safely.

But instead of working with the local residents someone has put the Bollards up, again creating a problem.

We have asked Nottinghamshire County Council who made the request and as yet have not had a reply.

Whoever requested them obviously doesn’t spend  any time in the area or they would know what a bad judgement call they have made.

We will however inform you who it was once we receive details from Nottinghamshire County Council.


  1. richard Bloore 7 years Reply

    Hope they are looking at pasture road between moorbridge and the car wash next to the pastures community church. Parked cars on pavements and grass verges opposite each other creating a dangerous road situation where there’s a bus stop. It has also made the grass a mess killed all the flowers collapsed the pavement causing trip hazards that’s once you’ve struggled to get past the parked cars especially if you have a push chair or in a wheelchair

  2. mewlaw 7 years Reply

    agree with Richard McCrae. Now bollards are in place, cars are being parked further down the junction which means:
    Hazard in entering and exiting Braddon Ave by car as this places you in the middle of the road facing traffic entering Braddon. This knock on effect also causes problems for cars entering Braddon from Hickings, causing a sharp stop when turning the corner and causing traffic chaos.
    The school crossing patrol could be affected by the back up of cars

    Also with cars parked near to the junction on Braddon stops a drivers view of the pathway and pedestrians particularly children running down the hill who might just step out. With the parked cars obscuring the view it could quite easily become a danger spot. Looking at disabled persons access. How do they cross the junction if a car is parked over the dropped kerb? Stapleford seems to be a parking black spot at present with continued parking on hickings lane by the car dealers, also on Washington Dr by the same dealers. Then we look at what Mr bloore mentioned. pasture rd. it is awful to try to pick your way through all the parked cars particularly when a bus is coming. Do the council take into account that again this is a school pedestrian route? Notts county council open your eyes and look at the problems

  3. Grenville Green 7 years Reply

    When things appear on road and pavement, (usually without any proper consultation), look no further than your County Councillor for an answer. Reason being according to the County Senior Highway Liaison Officer,”It is NCC protocol to copy the local County Councillor in on any correspondence with Parish/Town Councils. Independent or local Borough Councillors”

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