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Filming of Stapleford Town Council Meeting 27th February 2015

28th February 2015 Stapleford Town Council Tags: , , , , 7 Comments

The meeting of Stapleford Town Council as recorded on Friday 27th February 2015.

You can find the Agenda at the following link:…

This video footage is complete and unedited as it was recorded. As are all of the videos we film.

Sorry about the poor sound quality, but we do the best with what we have.


  1. Grenville Green 7 years Reply

    When the next council comes together it should be priority a microphone must be used when members are speaking. Not to do so, shows a lack of consideration and contempt for the general public who turn up. You video the meetings unedited, and although I was one of just two visitors present at this last meeting before the May elections, and have good hearing. I had difficulty at times understanding what some of the members were saying.

  2. Grenville Green 7 years Reply

    Further explanation regarding the clarity of your recording. If certain members mumble or do not speak clearly for what ever reason. Under the umbrella of “INCLUSIVITY” reasonable adjustments must be made. Not to do so is a breach of new legislation regarding inclusivity.

  3. Grenville Green 7 years Reply

    House of Commons Service Diversity and Inclusion Scheme 2012 – 2015
    The new Diversity and Inclusion Scheme updates the House Equality Scheme (HES) 2009 – 2011 and the work that has been done to date on equality and diversity. It supports the four strategic goals of the House Corporate Business Plan to provide a ‘modern, efficient and responsive’ service for Members and the public by:

    1) Making the House of Commons more effective
    2) Making the House Service more efficient
    3) Ensuring that Members, staff and the public are well-informed
    4) Working at every level to earn respect for the House of Commons.

    These goals are set within the current context of the need to reduce costs while enhancing effectiveness and consistency in practice across the House. Promoting diversity sits alongside these priorities as an equal.

  4. Mark W 7 years Reply

    Thank you for posting the videos. I am unable to attend but like to watch, thank you again.

    To say these people are supposed to be representing our town I am ashamed of the attitude and behaviour or some of them. Using a mobile phone during a meeting should not be allowed.

  5. Donna M 7 years Reply

    Anyone watching this will also notice how rude the leader of Stapleford Town Council is, when Councillor MacRae is speaking she is there playing on her mobile phone.

    Also if items are not allowed to be discussed that are not on the agenda then how is it Jacky Williams can talk about the Nottinghamshire County Council budget and nothing is said but again when Councilor MacRae speaks he is told he can’t discuss it as it is not on the agenda.

    It does come across as one set of rules for Jacky Williams and another set of rules for the others as even Councilor McGrath gets told he can’t talk about an item as again it is not on the agenda.

    You may also pick up the so called Independent Councilor Dave Pearson shouting at Councilor MacRae as he does and making comments regards the Nottingham Post.

    For your information both Councilor Dave Pearson and David Grindell both contacted the Nottingham Post and made a false claim that these videos are somehow edited before being posted online. After the Nottingham Post contacted our Chairman Richard MacRae for a chat they realised it was the Lib Dems causing trouble and didn’t run the article.

    We do not and have never edited videos they are as recorded and anyone at the meeting would know this. To say otherwise is to tell a lie.

    Donna Mather
    Stapleford Community Group

  6. I’m sorry but watching this was eye-opener for me. These people are supposed to represent the people but some of their behaviour is way out of order. If this is what happens in these meetings then Stapleford needs all the help it can get!

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