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So Much Support With Our Petition

7th March 2015 Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 1 Comment


Thanks to the many people who came to sign the petition to save the former Stapleford Police Station earlier today.


Stapleford Community Group member John Longdon spoke passionately about how we must retain the building and bring it back into use to benefit the community.


With many people coming down especially to sign the petition after reading about it online or hearing us talking on BBC Radio Nottingham yesterday and today.

There is a strong feeling in Stapleford that we must retain the building.

The location is not suitable for a supermarket.


Whilst Danni and Grenville were setting the table up Linda MacRae was busy talking with people and collecting signatures.

It was noticed by many people that several current Stapleford Town Councilors who were in Stapleford today despite passing the stand outside Lloyds Bank didn’t even come and see what we was doing. They either drove past having a look or walked past and ignored us. Will these same people be asking for your vote with an election coming up.

We would like to thank Stapleford Councillor G. Baker who stopped by to offer his support and sign the petition.

1 Comment

  1. Grenville Green 7 years Reply

    One of the many who signed this petition, mentioned to my wife that Richard had helped her find a part time job. This part time job, helped this lady to pay for driving lessons. After passing her driving test, she managed to get another part time job caring. The second job needed someone who could drive. Well done Stapleford Community Group, and thank you to the lady for sharing her story with my wife.

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