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Stapleford man admits stabbing his mother to death in frenzied attack

8th April 2015 Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , 0 Comments

A Stapleford man killed his mother by stabbing her 65 times in a frenzied knife attack.

Stuart Frederick Mayes, 36, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, then turned the blade upon his sister, a court was told.

Donna Mayes, 33, suffered seven stab wounds, before fleeing to a neighbour’s for help – as the bloody onslaught continued upon her mother, Maria Mayes.

The 67-year-old died in the kitchen of her family home in Rockingham Close, Shepshed, on Saturday, October 11.

Adrienne Lucking, prosecuting, said the close-knit family had always rallied to help Mayes, who had suffered severe mental health problems for 11 years. The court heard that Miss Mayes later told a police officer she forgave her brother and believed her mother would have done the same.

Mayes sat in the dock with his head in his hands during the hour-long hearing at Leicester Crown Court yesterday and was sentenced to a hospital order without a time restriction.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but denied a charge of attempting to murder his sister – which was ordered to lie on the file.

Mrs Lucking said Mayes stopped taking his medication and was smoking cannabis in the weeks leading up to the tragedy.

She told the court: “On Friday, October 10, the defendant was behaving in and out of character during the day, such that his father, Stephen Mayes, had offered not to work a late shift.

“Maria and Donna Mayes felt they were able to cope and Stephen Mayes left the house.

“The defendant then stayed outside for about three hours, refusing to go indoors. He became irritated by an outside light and smashed it with a hammer.”

Mother and daughter called police but told officers Mayes had never been violent and they wanted him to stay at home. But in the early hours he began his attack by trying to strangle his mother in the hallway.

Mrs Lucking said: “He then stabbed her repeatedly.

“Donna tried to get between them and was herself stabbed a number of times.

“She ran to a neighbours and told them ‘He’s stabbed her, he’s stabbed her, my mum.”

Armed police were called and the defendant tried to run into his bedroom but was incapacitated with a Taser. Mrs Mayes sustained 65 stab wounds. She was found lifeless slumped against a radiator in the kitchen and pronounced dead at 3.25am.

Miss Mayes suffered seven stab wounds on her hands, leg, arm and back, as well as a punctured left lung.

The court heard that half an hour after being told of her mother’s death, whilst at hospital, Miss Mayes said: “My brother was a good man. He’s not a murderer.”

Mrs Lucking said: “The defendant, who also has another sister, Zoe, who lived elsewhere, had a long-established history of schizophrenia, but no previous convictions.

“He’s described by both his father and Donna, as a quiet individual who liked to help others.”

Mayes, who had a science degree, lived with Donna Mayes in a house they shared in Thorpe Close, Stapleford, but would stay at the family home during weekends.

Judge Nicholas Dean QC said: “It’s a very sad case.

“The family of Stuart Mayes are a loving and a caring family.

“It’s clear it came about entirely because of Stuart Mayes’ mental illness.”

Stephen Newcombe, mitigating, said Mayes was detained at Leicester’s Arnold Lodge psychiatric hospital while awaiting sentence and it was in the public interest he continued to receive treatment.

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