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Pasture Road Puffin Crossing

11th April 2015 Councillor Richard MacRae Tags: , , , 0 Comments


Nottinghamshire County Council plans to install a Puffin Crossing on Pasture Road has upset local residents.

Whilst we all agree there is a need for a  crossing on Pasture Road, we don’t agree on the location as suggested by the Council.


The Council want to move this Bus Stop further up the road which would mean it would be directly opposite the one outside The Midland Scooter Centre.


This location would be a huge mistake and create more traffic related issues than there are already. As seen in the picture the Bus can’t get into the Bus lane which means each time a Bus pulls up it already blocks the road.


This happened several times yesterday when we was talking about the proposals with local residents.


The Council’s chosen location of installing the Puffin Crossing between Northwood Avenue and Crawford Avenue would create more problems than solve as it’s to far away from the school for people walking down from the Peatfield estate side of the road.



The ideal location for a suitable crossing would be near to the Furlong Road part of Pasture Road, right near to the actual School.

It was only last year that a petition gained over 300 names that we then heard the Council had agreed to install a Puffin Crossing. But the idea behind the petition was to have a crossing installed near to the School. After all it would be mainly used by school children and there parents/carers. It would also be used by people using after School clubs too.

The paperwork which was delivered to residents on Pasture road yesterday didn’t go down well and many of them contacted Councillor Richard MacRae for help and advice.

An email has now been sent to the Highways Department at Nottinghamshire County Council and a request to come and talk with the residents was requested.

Councillor Richard MacRae went on to say that we do need some form of pedestrian crossing but we need it at the correct location, the one the Council have chosen is completely wrong.

We will update as we hear more.

Below is a copy of the email sent earlier today.

‘Good morning. 

Residents along Pasture Road, Stapleford have received letters with regards plans to install a Puffin Crossing outside their houses and are all concerned it is not a suitable location and are all against the plans, I have to say I fully agree with them too.

Whilst everyone agrees there is a need for a crossing on Pasture Road it is agreed that it needs to be installed near the School so around near Furlong Close and not between Northwood and Crawford Avenues. This is simply the wrong location for lots of reasons. 

Putting the crossing in the current proposed position, in between Northwood and Crawford, will mean the complete loss of parking for some residents and making access to driveways dangerous and near impossible. The residents who do not have drives to park on  rely on the on street parking which they will lose completely. It will also mean  severely restricted access to at least two driveways servicing 3 properties. One of the access’s currently requires the owner to pull up on the main road, to either side of the driveway, to reverse into the drive. The proposed location would mean that to access their own drive they would need to endanger and inconvenience the safety of anyone using the crossing whilst also possibly breaking the law to do so. 

The proposals also show the bus stop on Pasture Road to be moved several houses down the road, this would also cause problems due to being located opposite a bus stop on the other side of the road. Because a local business uses the side of the road to park on as do others it means the bus when it stops already blocks the road as was witnessed yesterday each time a bus pulled up. Moving the stop to the new location would make the situation worse still. 

Again there is a need some sort of crossing on Pasture Road but the location needs to be looked at. 

Would someone be willing to come out on location and talk with the residents to listen to the valid concerns that they all have. 

I have copied in one of the concerned residents too. 

Councillor Richard MacRae
Stapleford North Ward
Stapleford Town Council’


The new plans also include putting permanent bollards installed on Pasture Road which would then stop the residents parking outside there own houses, they have no where else to park as they have no front drives. This application clearly needs to be looked at again.


  1. miss jane taylor 7 years Reply

    Absolutely ridiculous! I’m a resident on north wood street, parking is already bad enough, on our street without any more cars to find a parking space, plus how on earth are we going to be able to get out in a morning to get to work, if pasture road has come to a standstill? Where are people going to park to go to the newsagents, or the other shops? Whoever has made up this idea is clearly being paid to be in the wrong job!

  2. LR 7 years Reply

    The bus stop issue angers me slightly. If bus drivers were to actually pull into the bus stop allocated outside Midland Scooters surely this then leaves two lanes of fully flowing traffic. Then the other bus stop could be moved in order to make room for the puffin crossing and still have flowing traffic along the main road?? That’s just an idea though haha

  3. Philip moseley 7 years Reply

    I live directly outside where the crossing will go this crossing will cause me to have to illegally manoeuver just to park and to gain access to my own property I was not consulted properly on the planning of the position of this puffin crossing and neither were any of my neighbours is it fair just to receive a letter saying this work is going to go ahead like it or not I think not It is obvious that whoever thought of the position of this crossing has not taken enough time And actually looked at the impact it will have on residents near to the site chosen

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