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Stapleford Receives A New Cross.

23rd April 2015 Uncategorized 0 Comments


Earlier today members of Stapleford Community Group prepared the two planters in the Town Centre.

They have been made ready so that tomorrow children from the Gardening Club at William Lilley Primary School can come along and put the plants in.


The planters were kindly cleared by the Council after years of being left.


A lot of hard work went into getting it ready.


Once the weed fabric was laid the bark was spread around to finish it off.


This planter is the one the children will be planting tomorrow to help brighten up the Town Centre.


This is the second planter that we worked on this morning.


It now contains a bird bath.


As well as the new cross, which has been put in position for the best view for passers by.


We would like to thank Larrys Number One Bar, not only did they sponsor the project but Laura Plummer provided water and cups of tea this morning.

Thank you also to Tailored To You and the Stapleford Town Team who all made donations to bring the project to life.

It’s part of our continued work to improve the High Street by working with local businesses.

We would also like to thank Councillors John McGrath, Richard MacRae, Ray Darby who kick started this project.

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