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Residents joy as bus service between Nottingham and Stapleford saved

30th April 2015 Nottingham Evening Post, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 0 Comments


Almost 1,000 people who signed a petition to save their local bus service have had their wish granted.

Trent Barton announced in March that the number 18, which runs between Nottingham and Stapleford, could be withdrawn as part of plans to review their routes.

But the users of the service, which also goes through Bramcote, Chilwell, Beeston Rylands, the University of Nottingham, Boots HQ and the Queen’s Medical Centre, had met the decision with uproar, and a petition was launched by Stapleford Community Group to save it.

Trent Barton have now announced they will be keeping the bus route in service, as although the decision was part of a review into the effect of tram lines in the area, customer feedback helped them make their decision.

Director of service delivery at Trent Barton, Tom Morgan, said: “We’re pleased to confirm there will be no changes to timetables, fares or the locations served.

“When the first phase of tram network opened back in 2004 we went through a similar process to make sure our routes adapted to the changes, and this was the case in Beeston.

“What was most encouraging was the feedback we had from local residents, and we certainly took their views into consideration when we evaluated the Beeston network.”

Residents who live along the route have said they are pleased to hear the service has been saved, as it would have left them without transport.

Derek Naylor, 79, who lives in Canalside, Beeston Rylands, said: “It goes to the QMC and into town which is why a lot of people find it extremely useful.

“I am very pleased that the service is staying as we would be left with a walk of around a mile-and-a-quarter to get a bus.”

Jean Hurrell, 80, from Melbourne Road in Stapleford, said: “We need a bus for all sorts of different reasons. There are children going to college, people working at Boots and old age pensioners who use it.

“There would be no other bus for us to use, and I think they expected us to use the tram, but we live three or four miles away from the tram.

“I don’t have a car and the bus stops right outside the doctors so it is very useful. I use it to do my shopping as well. It’s very good news it’s staying.”

By Jon Pritchard Nottingham Post

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