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Stapleford North Ward Estate Inspection

8th June 2015 Councillor Richard MacRae, Updates from Politicians Tags: , , , , 0 Comments


Earlier today an Estate Inspection took place in the Stapleford North Ward.

Councillor Richard MacRae was joined by an officer from Broxtowe Borough Council who visited several locations where concerns have been raised.


Rubbish that has been put down the side of a Garage has been reported and will be cleared away. This paticular area had recently had reports of Rats running around, fly tipping does not help the situation at all.

The Environment Officer has also been out and an area where a broken sewage pipe was found will be repaired and hopefully help with the problem.


If you see any other areas where fly tipping takes place please do let us know and we will get it cleared away.

The main picture of the broken Tree has also been reported and will be cleared away ASAP. 

Also thanks to Councillor John McGrath and Councillor John Longdon who also joined in for part of the Estate Inspection.

Several local residents were also visited and spoken to and arrangements to help with the issues raised have also been agreed.

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