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Meeting of the Town Council to be held on Friday, 19th June 2015 at 7:00p.m.

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Meeting of Stapleford Town Council

Friday 19th June 2015 at 7.00p.m.

In the Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford, Notts.



**Please note public meetings can now be filmed by members of the public – Chairperson to ascertain at the start of the meeting if anyone will be filming in order for those who do not wish to be filmed to vacate the room**





1          Apologies for absence

(The Town Clerk will report any apologies for absence she has received in writing prior to the start of the meeting.)


2          Declarations of interest

(Members will be invited to declare any interests they may have on any item to be discussed at the meeting.  They will also be advised that should it become apparent to any Member during the meeting that they do have an interest in a particular item they should alert the Chair and the Town Clerk immediately.)


3          Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 27th February 2015                           Document 1


4          Minutes of the Annual Town Council Meeting held on 22nd May 2015                    Document 2


5          Presentation Regarding Standards by Mr P Horsfield, Borough Solicitor,

            Broxtowe Borough Council 


6          Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council 


7          Mayor’s Engagements                                                                                                         Document 3


8          Hemlock Happening

(To receive feedback on this event.)


9          Civic Report

(Please see the Town Clerk’s Report – this is an overview of Civic Engagements

for Members Information)                                                                                                  Document 4


10        Town Centre Management Team

(To receive feedback on this initiative from The Town Clerk)                                      Document 5


11        Allotments                                                                                                                  Document 6

(Please see the Town Clerk’s Report on issues relating to the

Town Council Allotment sites)



Agenda Contd.


12        Committee Membership and Appointment to Outside Bodies

(To note the addition of Cllr Ms H Brett as a substitute Stapleford Alliance Member to the             Planning and Environment and Finance and General Purposes Committees.

To note the Appointment Cllr R MacRae to represent the Town Council at Broxtowe Youth             Homelessness Meetings.)


13        Correspondence


Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC): Boundaries Proposals – a consultation exercise has             opened on proposals for new NCC ward boundaries.  Please note this matter and look at the             proposals at: and click on Boundaries Proposals.   This matter    will be discussed at the next Meeting of the Town Council.


14        Planning Application




Reference Number          : 15/00387/FUL    
Proposal                    : Demolish existing storage shed and erect two dwellings


Site Address : 29 Cyril Avenue Stapleford Nottinghamshire NG9 8FQ
    Click here to see application details on website




15        Items For Future Agenda

(The Leader of the Town Council invites Members to submit items for inclusion on future Agenda for Town Council Meetings.  Any items submitted this evening are not for discussion at this meeting but may be considered for a future date.)


16        Audit Report

(The Town Clerk will report the Annual Return for the Year End 31st March 2015.)


17        Payments                                                                                                                              Document 7

(To note the payment schedule.)


18        Date of next meeting. The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be held on

Friday 31st July 2015 at 7.00p.m. 





Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                                     Document 1:1

                                                                                                                        Page 2042

Town Council

Meeting held on 27th February 2015

Present Councillors:



R H Darby                 S Heptinstall             R MacRae         K Thomas

D Grindell                 Mrs A Hull                 J McGrath          Mrs I White

Mrs H Grindell          J Longdon                 D J Pearson     Mrs J Williams



Prior to the commencement of the Meeting a presentation was made to Councillor S Heptinstall, as Mayor of Broxtowe, by the Town Mayor, Councillor K Thomas, on behalf of Stapleford Town Council.  A cheque was presented, being the total of the sums collected at various fundraising initiatives during the current financial year.   Donations of raffle prizes were also made for the forthcoming Broxtowe Borough Council Spring Ball.


Cllr Heptinstall thanked the Town Council and the Town Clerk and her team for their support.  He further took the opportunity to thank the Town Clerk for her support of the many charities supported by the Mayors of Broxtowe over a number of years.



114/2015                   Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: Mrs A Aderogba, Mrs T Foster and B Wombwell.


115/2015                  Declarations of interest


Councillors:  Darby, Mrs A Hull and Mrs J Williams declared a non-pecuniary interest regarding the Town Council Allotments.


Councillors: R Darby, D Grindell, S Heptinstall, J McGrath, Mrs I White and Mrs J Williams, declared an interest regarding any matter relating to Broxtowe Borough Council by dint of their status as serving Councillors on Broxtowe Borough Council.


It was further noted that Cllr D Grindell had a particular interest in item 13 Planning Applications: as Chair of the Development Control Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council.  It was further noted that Councillor Mrs White was a substitute Member on the Development Control Committee.


Councillors: S Heptinstall and Mrs J Williams declared an interest regarding any matter relating to Nottinghamshire County Council by dint of their status as serving Councillor on Nottinghamshire County Council.


Councillors: J McGrath and R MacRae declared an interest in item 13 Planning Applications as they were acquainted with one of the applicants.



Town Council: 19.06.15                                                                                                    Document 1:2

                                                                                                                                        Page 2043

116/2015                   Broxtowe Consultation- Consultation Part 2 Local Plan


The Town Mayor welcomed Mr. S Saunders from Broxtowe Borough Council.  Mr. Saunders gave a short overview of, and answered Members questions relating to, the Broxtowe Consultation – Consultation Part 2 Local Plan.


After considering Mr. Saunders’ presentation, and subsequent discussion, it was agreed that the following points would be noted and that this Minute Reference would form the Town Council’s reply to this consultation exercise. Following full and frank discussion of the topic the following points were noted:

  1. The purpose of this consultation exercise was to recognise the need for housing provision and to establish a broad policy for revising the green belt.
  2. There was a need to recognise and create defensible boundaries to protect the green belt.
  3. Broxtowe Borough Council recognised railway lines as long term defensible boundaries.
  4. Councillor Pearson felt that the Consultation documents were not easy for the general public to access and that the style of the documentation made it difficult for people unfamiliar with planning processes to comment on. He further felt that the lack of publicity surrounding this consultation was unhelpful.
  5. Concerns were expressed that the remaining green belt area between Stapleford and Bramcote was being eroded and that this issue was causing general concern. Members did not wish to see further coalescence of the two areas.
  6. Similar concerns were voiced in relation to proposals to build housing at Field Farm and a minimum of 500 houses at Toton. Members felt it was important to maintain a green belt area between the separate settlements of Stapleford, Trowell, Bramcote and Toton, to maintain their separate identities.
  7. Concern was raised that Bramcote Hills Park had been included in the documentation. However, it was explained that it was necessary to identify this area in order to protect it from future development. The Town Council did not wish to see any of the designated park areas in the Town and its vicinity developed for housing/commercial/industrial purposes.
  8. It was essential that established bridleways, pathways, footpaths etc should be protected and maintained.
  9. The areas East of Field Farm/West of Field Farm, behind Bramcote Crematorium and proposals to develop land currently occupied by Bramcote School would need to be carefully managed to minimize the impact of any such development on the green belt area between Stapleford and Bramcote to ensure minimal loss of amenity.
  10. The Meeting felt that before any decisions were taken to re-designate any green belt land it should be fully investigated to ensure that such land was suitable for building purposes. Members did not wish to see land that was in danger of flooding deemed suitable for building houses.
  11. Further, the need for both affordable housing and extra-care housing provision was recognised. However, such developments should not be at the expense of the green belt. Careful thought should be given as to where these developments should be established and it was essential that the necessary infrastructure should be in place to meet the needs of such communities as would access these types of development.
  12. The Town Council wished to see a full range of easily accessible policies established with regard to the green belt and new build provision in land allocated for both housing and commercial development.


Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                                     Document 1:3

                                                                                                                                        Page 2044



  1. It was noted that this consultation was the second part of the Core Strategy. Now that the housing needs had been identified it was necessary to identify potential development sites. This Strategy Document will be in place until 2028.
  2. The Town Council was not pleased about the potential loss of green belt land and trusted that housing development would be carried out on land already identified for such purposes.
  3. Cllr Mrs Williams had concerns relating to green belt areas that were adjacent to Nottingham City Council and the Meeting concurred that it did not wish to see further coalescence with Nottingham City so that there was no green belt break between the adjacent Boroughs and the City.
  4. The Town Council wished to see development on brown field sites prior to green belt land being destroyed by unnecessary development.
  5. Councillor McGrath was very concerned about the field area adjacent to Sisley Avenue/Baulk Lane/Coventry Lane and the Meeting concurred that this land should be defended against removal from the green belt and unnecessary development.


Members were reminded that this would be the Town Council’s response and that any Member who wished to make an individual response should do so ensuring that they made it clear on the consultation documents that this was a personal opinion.


Councillor Heptinstall drew Members attention to the award by The Institute of Town Planning to the Authorities concerned for their work on the Core Strategy and that Ruth Hyde, Chief Executive of Broxtowe Borough Council, had been given the President’s Award for her overall management of the process. This was noted.


117/2015       Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 16th January 2015


The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 16th January 2015 were approved and signed by the Town Mayor.


118/2015       Minutes of the Special Planning and Environment Committee Meeting held on                      9th January 2015


The Minutes of the Special Planning and Environment Committee Meeting held on 9th January 2015 were noted.


119/2015       Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council 


The Town Clerk reported that she had received no requests to address the meeting.

120/2015       Mayor’s Engagements     


Members were asked to note an alteration to the Mayor’s Engagements:  The Town Clerk understood that the Town Mayor had been invited to attend the Job’s Fair on 11th March 2015, (which seemed appropriate given his involvement in the recruitment industry) and had listed this event on the Mayor’s Engagements.

Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                                     Document 1:4

                                                                                                                                        Page 2045



Following the despatch of the Agenda she had been informed that the Town Mayor was not invited to this event.  She apologised to the Town Mayor and Town Council for any inconvenience caused.


The Town Mayor reported that he had enjoyed attending a number of events, including the Village Ventures production which had been appreciated by all those who attended. The Town Clerk commented that, while the audience numbers had not been as high as she had hoped for (due to the play clashing with a number of other events that evening), those who had attended had really enjoyed themselves.


She had been requested to bring the company back for future productions.  Members were asked to note that a number of individuals attending this event had been on their own and the Clerk took the opportunity to recommend to Members the forthcoming Village Ventures events for people to socialise who perhaps would not get out otherwise.  Fordante, the previous Village Ventures production had also been very well received


The Town Mayor thanked the Salvation Army for allowing the Town Council Civic Service to be held at the Citadel and it was noted that this had been a most uplifting Service and he thanked all who attended.


Broxtowe Borough Council’s Holocaust Memorial Service had been a very worthwhile event and the Town Mayor thanked the many organisations who had invited him to events and to the Deputy Town Mayor for attending events in his absence.


121/2015       Allotments


The report of the Town clerk was noted.


It was further noted that the Town Clerk would be instructing works on the proposed wildflower plots at the Albany site, as part of the project being managed by Dig In to maintain this area adjacent to the commercial sector adjacent to the site.


122/2015       Town Centre Team (TCT)           


It was noted that the TCT was planning events for the coming financial year and that there was funding available for a number of projects.


As a new initiative a Farmer’s Market was scheduled to be held on the Walter Parker VC Square on the first Saturday of the month thereafter.


123/2015       Neighbourhood Plan


The Town Clerk reported that the request to Broxtowe Borough Council by the Town Council to host a Neighbourhood Plan had completed its initial consultation period and the request and the feedback from the consultation would be considered by Broxtowe Borough Council during March 2015.



Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                                     Document 1:5

                                                                                                                                        Page 2046



This information was noted and this matter would be brought to the New Administration following the Local Elections for further discussion and it would be for that Body to decide if it wished to take this project further.


124/2015                   Stapleford Matters


Members noted that Proposed Parking Restrictions (TRO’s 5186, 5187 and 5188) were now part of a public consultation exercise.


Councillor Mrs Williams reported as the Nottinghamshire County Councillor for the area:

The budget agreed by Nottinghamshire County Council could have implications for the proposed works in Stapleford due to possible cutbacks within the Highways budget head.  With regard to the following:  Parking/Traffic Issues in Stapleford:


Orchard Street/Lower Orchard Street

Permit Area Issues Including Wellington Street and Edward Street

Junction: Warren Avenue/Derby Road


The outcome of the Nottinghamshire County Council consultations would be reported to a future Meeting of the Town Council.


Councillor MacRae wished to raise an issue relating to bollards that had been erected in the North Ward.  However, as this matter had not been listed on the Agenda it was inappropriate to consider it at this Meeting.  Councillor Mrs Williams informed the Meeting that she was aware of this issue and that Councillor MacRae had already been contacted by Nottinghamshire County Council regarding this matter.


125/2015                   Correspondence


Friends of Field Farm Newsletter – STRAG had contacted the Town Clerk requesting that this item be brought to the attention of Members of the Town Council. It was understood that Members had also been contacted individually.


This item was noted.


Councillors: D Grindell (Chair of Development Control Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council) and Mrs I White declared an interest in the following item and did not vote.


Councillors: J McGrath and R MacRae declared an interest in the following item and did not vote.


126/2015                   Planning Applications


Ref: 14/00043/DEM Pinfold Trading Estate and former Public house Nottingham Road, NG9 8AD

It was noted that the Town Council had previously supported this proposal and had no objections to the proposed demolition at this site.



Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                                     Document 1:6

                                                                                                                                        Page 2047




Ref: 15/00098/FUL Construct two storey side, single storey rear and single storey front extensions, make alterations to roof to include rear dormer – 85 Hickings Lane, NG9 8PB


No objections.

Ref: 14/00771/FUL Change of land from sewage works to kennels – land adjacent 101 Bessel Lane NG9 7BX


No objections.


127/2015       Items for Future Agenda


There were no items requested for future agenda.


128/2015       Payments


Payments were noted.


129/2015       Date of next meeting


The next Meeting of Stapleford Town Council was scheduled to be held on Friday, 21st May

2015 and this would be the Annual Town Council Meeting.


It was further noted that the Committee Meetings scheduled for 20th March 2015 had been



The Meeting closed at 8.40p.m.









Town Council: 19.06.15                                                                                                    Document 2:1

                                                                                                                        Page 2048

Annual Town Council

Meeting held on 22ND May 2015

Present Councillors:


Cllr Ms H A Brett                   Cllr Ms J C Goold                  Cllr J Longdon

Cllr A Britton                         Cllr Mrs A J Hull                    Cllr R MacRae

Cllr R Browne                       Cllr E B Hull                           Cllr C Rice

Cllr R Darby                          Cllr D Pearson          Cllr Mrs S E Roome

Cllr D Grindell                       Cllr I Lawton              Cllr Ms J M Townend


1/2016                        Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: P Ensor, Mrs S Ensor  and  J McGrath


2/2016                        Election of Town Mayor


It was proposed by Councillor David Pearson and seconded by Councillor John Longdon that Councillor Ray Darby be elected Town Mayor for 2015/2016.


Councillor Pearson wished to speak to his nomination in the following terms and informed the meeting that Councillor Ray Darby had served as Town Mayor during a previous administration.   Over the past municipal year Councillor Darby had served as Deputy Town Mayor and ably supported the Town Mayor, deputising when required and taking on a high number of engagemnets.


It was noted that Councillor Darby had been a Town Councillor since 1999 and was an active member of a number of organisations.   Councillor Pearson was sure that Councillor Darby would be an excellent Town Mayor.


Councillor J Longdon was delighted to second the nomination of Councillor Ray Darby for Town Mayor.   He had known Councillor Darby for many years and was sure that Councillor Darby would serve the Town well in the role of Town Mayor.


There being no further nominations it was:


RESOLVED that Councillor Ray Darby be elected Town Mayor for the ensuing year.

Councillor Ray Darby received the Chain of Office from the retiring Town Mayor, Councillor Kevin Thomas.


3/2016                                                                       Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Town Mayor


Councillor Ray Darby signed the prescribed Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


4/2016               Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest relating to the business of the meeting.


Council:19.06.15                                                                                                        Document 2:2                                                                                                                                                         Page 2049

5/2016                        Election of Deputy Mayor


The Town Mayor called for nominations for Deputy Town Mayor.

Councillor Mrs Susan Roome was proposed by Councillor Mrs Amanda Hull and seconded by Councillor David Grindell.


Councillor Richard MacRae was proposed by Councillor John Longdon and seconded by Councillor Chris Rice.


Councillor Mrs Hull wished to speak to her nomination and informed the Meeting that Councillor Mrs Roome was well known in Stapleford having for many years worked supporting young people with Special needs at the Arthur Mee Centre and no retied she was spending time volunteering at  the Helpful Bureau.


A Stapleford resident all her life, Councillor Roome is married and her family also reside in the Town. Councillor Mrs Hull was sure that Councillor Roome would an excellent Deputy Town Mayor, supporting Councillor Darby, in his role as Town Mayor as when required.


Councillor D Grindell wished to speak to his nomination and informed the Meeting that Councillor Mrs Roome was well known to the community. A resident of Stapleford all her life Councillor Mrs Roome was well placed to support the Town Mayor


Councillor Longdon wished to speak to his nomination and informed the meeting that while Councillor Richard MacRae would make a good Deputy Town Mayor.  He then went on to list a number of projects Councillor MacRae had been involved in that demonstrated his commitment to the community.


Councillor Rice did not wish to speak to this nomination.


There being no further nominations, following a vote, it was:


RESOLVED that Councillor Mrs Susan Roome be elected Deputy Town Mayor for the ensuing year.


6/2016                        Appointment of Committees 2015/2016          

 The Town Clerk reported that the Committees would be as listed below:


Planning & Environment

Membership of this Committee: Councillors: A Britton, R Browne, R Darby, S Ensor, J Goold,

B Hull, J Townend, Leader/Deputy Leader.

(Substitute Members Councillor:  D Grindell, J McGrath, J Longdon, C Rice, I Lawton)

Finance & General Purposes

Membership of this Committee: Councillors: Councillors: A Britton, R Darby, P Ensor, D Grindell,

J Goold, A Hull, J McGrath, S Roome, Leader/Deputy Leader.

(Substitute Members Councillor:  B Hull, I Lawton, J Longdon, C Rice, J Townend

Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                          Document 2:3                                                                                                                                                         Page 2050



Personnel Committee

Membership of this Committee: Councillors: H Brett, R Darby, A Hull, I Lawton, J Longdon, D Pearson, S Roome, Leader /Deputy Leader of the Town Council. Conservative nominee to be advised

(Substitute Members Councillor: D Grindell, J McGrath, C Rice, J Townend )

Allotments Panel


It was noted that Membership of this Panel would be the Leader of the Town Council, the Town Mayor, or Deputy Town Mayor, the Chair or Deputy Chair of the Planning & Environment Committee, the Chair or Deputy Chair of the Finance & General Purposes Committee and a Member of the Minority Groups.


7/2016                        Appointment of Town Council Representatives:


Representatives on Outside Bodies:

  1. a) Broxtowe Women’s Project (BWP) Cllr Mrs S Ensor
  2. b) Dig In Project Cllr B Hull
  3. d) Town Centre Team (TCT) Cllr Mrs A Hull
  4. e) Broxtowe Youth Homelessness (BYH) Cllr R Mac Rae


The Town Clerk reported that the request BYH for a representative to serve on its Management

Committee had been received following the despatch of the Agenda.  Councillor MacRae was willing

to serve on this Committee and the Town Clerk was reporting the information at this Meeting and

asking Members to confirm the appointment when they receive the Minutes of this Meeting.


Councillor MacRae queried  the appointment of Councillor Mrs Hull as the representative TCT.  It

was agreed that this matter would be discussed at the Town Council Meeting scheduled to be held on

19th June 2015.


8/2016                        Appointment of Group Leaders


Members noted the Group Leaders:         Stapleford Alliance              Councillor David Pearson

Labour Group                       Councillor Ray Darby

Conservative Group            Councillor John Longdon


9/2016                        Appointment of Internal Auditors


The Town Council confirmed the appointment of Walker Accountancy Limited as the Town Council’s Accountants and that Just Audit be appointed as the Town Council’s Internal Auditor.


10/2016                      Appointment of Responsible Financial Officer


The Town Council confirmed the appointment of the Town Clerk as the Town Council’s Responsible Financial Officer.

Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                          Document 2:3                                                                                                                                                         Page 2051


11/2016                      Appointment of Signatories


  1. Bank Accounts


The Town Council agreed that the signatories for 2015/2016 would be Councillors:  D Grindell,

Mrs A Hull and D Pearson and be authorised to sign cheques on behalf of the Council.  Plus the Town Clerk, Ms M C Downie remains on the list to counter sign with regard to withdrawing petty cash.


RESOLVED that: the signatories for 2015/2016 would be Councillors:  D Grindell, Mrs A Hull and D Pearson and the Town Clerk, Ms M C Downie, be authorised to operate this account.


  1. Building Society Account


The Town Council agreed that the signatories would be Councillors: D Grindell, Mrs A Hull and D Pearson, plus the Town Clerk, Ms M C Downie.


RESOLVED that Councillors: Mrs A Hull and D Pearson and the Town Clerk, Ms Downie, be authorised to operate this account.


12/2016                      Launch of Best Kept Garden Competition


The Town Mayor, Councillor Ray Darby was delighted to launch the 2015 Stapleford Town Council Garden Competition and encouraged Town Councillors to promote this project and was looking forward to visiting the many beautiful gardens in the Town.


13/2016                      Calendar of Meetings 


The Town Council considered this report of the Town Clerk and upon a vote it was agreed to accept the Calendar of Meetings as set out as an appendix to these Minutes.


14/2016                      Mayor’s Engagements


The Town Clerk took this opportunity to thank Councillor Kevin Thomas the retiring Town Mayor, for all his hard work over the previous municipal year.   The engagements were noted.


She wished Councillor Darby very successful Mayoral year


15/2016                      Date of next meeting


The next meeting was arranged to take place on Friday, 19th June 2015, commencing at 7.00 p.m. at the Carnegie Centre.

Meeting closed: 7.57p.m.


Signed ……………………………………………  Date ………………………………….



Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                               Document 3:1





May 2015

Friday, 22nd May @ 6.30p.m. Annual Town Council  Meeting Carnegie Centre Town Mayor & Town Mayor Elect
Saturday, 23rd May @ TBC Visit to Craft Market

Walter Parker VC Square


Town Mayor & Escort
Thursday, 28th May @ 2.00p.m. Official Visit to Pasture Road Recreation Ground, Stapleford Town Mayor


JUNE 2015

Wednesday, 3rd June @ 10.30a.m. 90th Birthday Celebrations

Rockwell Court, Stapleford

Deputy Town Mayor
Saturday, 6th June The Town Mayor should arrive

@ 2.15p.m. TBC (Event concludes at 10.30p.m.)

Hemlock Happening,

Bramcote Park

Town Mayor & Escort
Saturday, 20th June @ 11.00a.m. until 3.00p.m. Fruity Saturday, Dig In,

Albany Allotments


Deputy Town Mayor & Escort
Friday, 26th June @10.00a.m. -12Noon Armed Forces Day

Coffee Morning to Mark this Event

Carnegie Centre


Town Mayor & Escort
Sunday, 28th June @ 2.00p.m. NCC Civic Service

Southwell Minster

Town Mayor & Escort


July 2015

DATE FOR JUDGING GARDEN COMPETION Various, Stapleford Town Mayor & Escort & Deputy Town Mayor
Tuesday, 14th July @ 6.30p.m. AGM CAB

Broxtowe Borough Council Offices, Beeston

Town Mayor


August 2015

Thursday, 13th August @

1.45p.m. TBC.

Stapleford Playday

Venue TBC

Deputy Town Mayor & Escort
Saturday , 22nd August @ 1.30p.m. Stapleford & District Gardenholder’s Show

Venue TBC


Town Council 19.06.15                                                                                                 Document 4:1

Civic Report

Report of the Town Clerk


1          Introduction


The Leader of the Town Council has instructed the Town Clerk to write a short report for the Town Council enabling  it to review the Civic Duties undertaken by the Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor and to use this information when considering future  budget proposals for 2016/17 and events attended.                  


2          Civic Engagements


The Town Mayor is invited to attend events out with and within the Town.  Some invitations require the purchases of tickets while others are free. No charge is made to the Town Mayor (official representative) or Escort at in house events.

Transport costs are also met, when claimed, for events out with the Town up to a cap of £25.


Attached as an appendix to this report is a breakdown of events attended by the Town Mayors/Deputy Town Mayors/Past Town Mayors over the last Administration.


3          Attendance at events


Ideally the Town Mayor would attend all events, deemed, appropriate.  However, this is not always possible and in such cases the Deputy Town Mayor would attend in the Town Mayor’s stead. In particular cases a Past Mayor may be called upon to represent the Town or on occasion the Leader of the Town Council.


4          Events


Listed are events attended/hosted by the Town Mayor, Deputy Town Mayor or Past Town Mayor :

  1. In House:

11th Hour of the11th Day of the 11th Month


Remembrance Sunday


Summer Garden Competition


Civic Service


Armed Forces Day Coffee Morning


Coffee Mornings in Support of the Mayor of Broxtowe’s Charities


Flowers-specific Anniversaries


Section 137: may visit organisations who have requested aid to present cheques


Village Ventures Productions

 Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                        Document 4:2



  1. Invited Events:


Hemlock Happening




Stapleford Carnival


Stapleford and District Garden Holder’s Show


Broxtowe Borough Council Charity Ball:  (tickets purchased)


Broxtowe Borough Council Civic Service


Nottinghamshire County Council Civic Service


ATC Events: (tickets may be purchased)


Various charity events run by the Mayor of Broxtowe:  (tickets may be purchased)


Various charity events run by the Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council: the Town Mayor is the official representative of the Town Council (tickets may be purchased)


Various concerts, lunches, fêtes bazaars etc both within and outwith the Town:  (some ticketed)


Invitations to AGM’S both within and outwith the Town


Eastwood Civic Service


Litter pick: the Town Mayor/ Deputy Town Mayor is the official representative of the Town Council

It should be remembered that the Town Mayor is invited to these events to represent the Town and to promote the Town Council.


Individuals invited to attend Town Council events should be connected to the Town through the recognition of: voluntary work, the business community helping to regenerate the Town, association with youth organisations/schools, civic dignitaries from neighbouring authorities or representatives of uniformed organisations.

Events such as the Civic Service, while ‘hosted’ by the Town Mayor are events designed to welcome the community and recognise the work of the Town Council.


5          Civic Service


This Town Council since its inception has held an Annual Civic Service presided over by the Town Mayor.  The Service has been held in a number of churches/religious centres in the Town reflecting the denominations represented within Stapleford.  Please note this is the Town Council Civic Service and must be held in the Town.


Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                         Document 4:3




The event is hosted by the Town Mayor and out of courtesy the incumbent of that office is offered the opportunity to select the venue for the Civic Service.  This matter is then discussed by the Town Clerk and the particular denomination and a suitable date for the Civic Service agreed.  Again out of courtesy the Town Mayor is extended the opportunity to invite a number of guests to this event. However, it should once again be noted that this is the Town Council’s Civic Service and not the Town Mayors.


Together with invited Civic Guests all serving Town Councillors and their Escorts are invited to attend the Civic Service.  It has been noted over the previous Administration, the small number of Town Councillors who have attended this Service and the Town Clerk can confirm that this has always been the case. Town Councillors are not compelled to attend this Service it is a matter of choice.


The previous Administration, at its discussion of the Town Council Budget, (January 2015), charged the Town Clerk to ask the newly elected Administration whether or not it wished to continue to hold a Civic Service.   This matter has been brought before you as part of this report for you to make your decision at the stat of the municipal year.


This event  in itself is not a major cost to the Town Council, it is its opportunity cost in terms of staff time spent organising it and attending the event.  When discussing this matter Members need to consider the impact of the event on the local community, who would miss it taking place, is it a good use of Town Council resources and whether or not it is a key part of the Civic Calendar.


6          Conclusion


Members are invited to note this report and comment on the events attended and recommend or otherwise whether they wish to continue to support the attendance of the Town Mayor at such events or not.


Any recommendations following discussion of this report will be incorporated into the Budget Report and submitted to the Town Council as part of the budget process in 2016/17.


The Town Council needs to RESOLVE:


  1. To continue to hold an Annual Town Council Civic Service as part of the Town Mayor’s Civic Calendar during this Administration (four years: 2015-2019): or


  1. Not hold a Town Council Annual Civic Service during this Administration.




Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                         Document 4:4    


                                                                                                                                        Appendix 1





Appendix re Civic Attendance attached separately


Town Council 19.06.15                                                                                                 Document 5:1

Town Centre Team Update



Report of the Town Clerk


1          Introduction


During the purdah period leading up to the recent local elections the Town Clerk attended Meetings of the Town Centre Team (TCT). This report seeks to inform Members of the history of this initiative and the Town Council’s involvement with and commitment to the Town’s regeneration.             


2          History


The Town Council as a statutory consultee has always been consulted with regard to improvements to the Town.   During the years 2000-2004 the Town Clerk was charged with organising and maintaining the Stapleford Regeneration Working Party to look at ways to improve Town and encourage interaction between local businesses and government.  The Town Council paid for a consultant to advise it and further consultants with regard to an investigation into the improvements on Derby Road had been instituted by Nottinghamshire Council.


The Town Council did not have the resources to maintain such a high density project on a long term basis.  However, this project was adopted by Broxtowe Borough Council, who had appointed an officer to work with the local Town Centres.   Three re-inventions later this initiative is now known as the Town Centre Team, with dedicated officers employed by Broxtowe Borough Council to service Town Centre Teams in Eastwood, Kimberley and Broxtowe.


These TCT’S are made up of local businesses, supported by the Town Centre Manger and his staff and look to support local businesses and new initiatives and attract higher footfall to the Town.  In 2012 it was agreed to transfer the Christmas Tree Light Switch On to the TCT as it had greater resources in terms of budget and manpower.  However, the Town council still makes funds available to support the event.


A representative from the Town Council is invited to attend TCT Meetings and it expected that individual will report back to the Town Council on how it can support TCT initiatives. It is expected that the Town Mayor will be invited to attend TCT events.


3          Attendance at Events- Connected with TCT


To date the Town Mayor/Deputy Town Mayor has attended:  the Christmas Tree Light Switch on, weekly/farmers/craft markets, promotional events on the Walter Parker VC Square, the opening of and has opened new businesses.    These events have been covered by the press, posted on the Town Council web site and helped to raise the profile of the Town.


4          Finance


The Town Council has no direct financial input into the TCT.  This initiative is funded through Broxtowe Borough Council.  However, the previous Administration has supported a number of initiatives.



Town Council 19.06.15                                                                                                 Document 5:2




As part of its commitment to the Town the Town Council has allocated money and staff time to support the Christmas Tree Lights Switch on,   200 goodie bags have been prepared for the event and donated for distribution by Father Christmas to children under secondary school age. Finance has also been provided for a vintage steam engine at this event.


This expenditure has been budgeted for in this year’s budget and the allocation of staff time and funding will be managed by the Town Clerk.   As with all Town Council expenditure this matter will be reviewed by the Finance and General purposes Committee at its Meeting in November.


5          Attendance of Town Council Representative at TCT Meetings


As reported in paragraph one of this report the Town Clerk has been attended two Meetings of the TCT and the Town Centre Manger has contacted the Town Council on behalf of the TCT requesting that the Town Clerk attend the TCT as the Town Council’s representative.


This request was relayed to the Leader of the Town Council prior to the Annual Council Meeting.  However, the Leader did not feel that this was necessarily a good use of the Town Clerk’s time and decided to maintain the status quo, appointing Cllr Mrs. A Hull as the Town Council’s Representative. This information has been reported back to the Town centre Manager and his reply from the TCT regarding this matter will be reported to the Town Council at its Meeting on 19th June 2015.


Members wishing to access the minutes for the TCT Meetings should access them via the Broxtowe Borough Council Web Site.


6          Conclusion


The Town Council needs to RESOLVE:


  1. To note this report;
  2. confirm the appointment of the Town Council Representative on the TCT.



Town Council19.06.15                                                                                                                    Document 6:1



Report of the Town Clerk


1          Introduction


Stapleford Town Council maintains and administers five separate allotment sites in the Town.  The management issues of this area of responsibility are discussed annually at the Budget Meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee usually held in November.


Vacant plots are let throughout the year as they become available.  There are plots available on the Albany and Peatfield sites.


Posters advertising allotment availability have been posted on the web site and on notice boards.


2          Expenditure


Up to 31st May 2015 the following expenditure has been incurred: £1,034.


3          Income


Up to 31st May 2015 the following income has been collected: £8,936.


4       Allotment Panel


A Meeting of the Allotment Panel will be organised before the winter and any matters raised will be reported back to a future Meeting of the Town Council.


5          Allotment sites


The Town Clerk will report any pertinent matters relating to sites at the Meeting.


  1. Albany Site


  1. Bessell Lane Site


  1. Ewe Lamb Lane Site


  1. Nottingham Road Allotments


  1. Peatfield


7          Conclusions


The Committee is asked to:


  1. Note this report;


  1. Give further instructions to the Town Clerk as deemed necessary after discussion of this report.


Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                         Document 7:1





Payments May 2015 Page 22




Town Council:19.06.15                                                                                         Document 7:2





Payments June  2015 Page 23



            Both pages are attached as separate documents                                                                                            

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