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4 Year Old Child Pricked By Syringe On Bramcote Park

19th July 2015 Broxtowe Borough Council, Help & Advice Tags: , , , 2 Comments


Please be vigilant when taking your children on to Bramcote Park as yesterday a 4 year old was pricked by a discarded syringe.

Having then been taken to Hospital yesterday for various tests the child has to now keep going back for checks for Hepatitis and HIV.

Finding a Needle

If you find a needle or syringe, please do not touch it, hide it, kick it down the drain or put it in a dustbin, litterbin or toilet. Instead, contact the Broxtowe Borough Council Customer Services section for removal and safe disposal

Prior to removal of hypodermic needles an evaluation of the area where the needle was found will be undertaken. This will assess the extent of risk for operators and the public and identify the resources required to make the area safe.

If you or someone else is injured by a needle then;

Encourage the bleeding by squeezing the wound to push out the germsDO NOT SUCK THE WOUNDVisit your local Hospital Accident and Emergency Department for confidential help and advice


  1. jaymi-lei 6 years Reply

    This is descusting some sick / horrible people do sick/horrible things this is unbelievable what people do hope she is okay :(:(:(:(:(:(

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