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Three For Free, Not Free After Three

24th July 2015 Broxtowe Borough Council, Local Businesses Tags: , , 0 Comments


Broxtowe Borough Council are to discuss Parking Charges on Tuesday at the Council’s Cabinet meeting.

Recommended options

Initially it is recommended that charges  be waived for the Borough Council’s car parks after 4pm each day. In effect, this  would provide free parking from 3pm  each day in conjunction with a free one  hour ticket. 

It is estimated that this would cost £20,000 per annum in lost pay and display income and £10,000 per annum  in lost PCN income. 

Carefully marketed (to avoid customers  getting PCN’s between 3 and 4pm) this would:

•  Achieve the slogan “park for free after 3”

•  Use spare late afternoon capacity to encourage more visitors to stay for  longer and help support the evening  economy

•  Make life easier for town centre residents using town centre car parks  and returning from work or the school  run

•  Avoid all of the potential unintended dangers of “free parking” previously highlighted such as reduced turnover  and visitor numbers, traffic queues and facilitating park and ride to Nottingham and the QMC.

It is also recommended that more attractive pricing be introduced at the  following underused car parks:

Halls Road Car Park: Free Parking On Saturdays

Subject to the required 21 day  advertising period and to the time  needed to change car park signage, all  of the above changes could be implemented from 1st October 2015.

It is then recommended that they are monitored for 6 months and a report brought back to Cabinet on their impact by May 2016. 

Possible future  options:

•  2 hours free parking in selected  underused car parks as an experiment

•  Free parking  on Saturday  afternoons.

So basically if you park at 3pm and get your hours Free parking ticket you can leave the car there until 6pm for free, creating the ‘Park For Free After 3’ slogan.

But this isn’t what the businesses in Stapleford want to see, with many saying it’s a waste of time.

THREE FOR FREE is what the businesses want to see introduced and they are hoping this is the decision taken on Tuesday evening by Broxtowe Councillors.

A paper petition has been signed by the majority of businesses along the Stapleford High Street. People have also signed the Online Petition. There are still paper petitions in may shops on Derby Road as customers also agree with the Three For Free parking.

Recently in Wales Parking Machines at Council Car Parks have not bee  working and businesses have seen a 20% increase in sales. You can read the article here. This goes to show that allowing longer Free parking is a benefit to the businesses. 

You can email the Council’s Cabinet members ahead of the meeting on Tuesday via the email addresses below and tell them if you agree that is should be ‘Free For Three’ in the Council’s Car Parks. All your Councillors will listen to your views and take them into account at the meeting on Tuesday.

Members of the public can of course attend the meeting and listen from the public gallery.

Broxtowe Borough Council
New Council Chamber
Foster Avenue

The Meeting starts at 6pm so if you intend to go along please arrive before the meeting starts.

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