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Stapleford suffers due to lack of investment, claim Town Team

29th July 2015 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae, Local Businesses, Nottingham County Council, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , , , , , 0 Comments


Traders in Stapleford are calling on the authorities to plough more money into the town.

Members of the Town Team say that Stapleford’s street scene is deserted by authorities Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottingham County Council.

Three town councillors – Richard MacRae, John McGrath and Ray Darby – have started a petition asking for a review of the traffic management system in the town and three hours of free parking in three of its car parks. At the moment Broxtowe Borough Council is proposing free parking after 4pm. Including the one hour free parking ticket already in place this would mean free parking from 3pm.

Councillor MacRae, who is also part of Stapleford Community Group, said: “So basically if you park at 3pm and get your hours free parking ticket you can leave the car there until 6pm for free, creating the ‘Park For Free After 3′ slogan. But this isn’t what the businesses in Stapleford want to see, with many saying it’s a waste of time. ‘Three For Free’ is what the businesses want to see introduced and they are hoping this is the decision taken by Broxtowe councillors.”

Councillor MacRae also said that speed bumps along Derby Road are too high and put people off driving down the street for fear of damaging their cars. He said people want to see them removed in favour of an alternative traffic scheme.

Gary McGrath who owns Nu-Trend Interiors, said that many businesses were investing their own money into the Town Centre’s appearance because the Borough and City Council were ignoring it. He said: “If it wasn’t for private investment it would be a right mess. We have offered to paint the bollards ourselves because they are rusty and a mess. It’s a big town and a vibrant one but that’s down to the Town Team and proud individuals. If you’d come to the town five years ago it was like Beruit.”

Nichol Dexter, who runs Olive Creations, said: “The street could look more attractive. You drive through other towns and they have been made to look nice, like a community, this just looks like a long stretch of road.”

Rebecca Ashworth, who runs Shabbylicious Vintage Tea Rooms, which recently moved to bigger premises, said: “I think the town needs to be defined it’s a bit of a mismatch with old buildings and newer ones, there’s no identity, no flow, so I’d like to see the investment carry on. It would be nice if the borough council could have a pot of money for shopkeepers.”

In response to the concerns, a spokesman for Broxtowe Borough Council, told the Tiser: “The council’s street scene team works hard in each of the Borough’s Town Centres to work with businesses and the community to improve the local area and ensure that they are kept clean and tidy for those that live and work there, as well as to encourage new visitors to the towns.

“In Stapleford, regular litter patrols are carried out during the week and the town centre management team work in conjunction with the Stapleford Town Team to consider ways to aid regeneration and make the town a vibrant place to live, shop, work and invest.”

Dave Walker, Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways manager for Broxtowe said: “All traffic calming features installed by the county council are constructed to a British Standard and conform to regulations laid down in the Traffic Calming Act 1992.

“Most traffic calming schemes are put in where there are high levels of accidents resulting in personal injury or where residential areas suffer from high levels of peak-hour through traffic, such as rat-running.

“We have found physical hump features to be the most successful measure in reducing accidents where they are introduced and, as a result, greatly benefit communities”

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