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Double Yellow Lines Proposed for Washinghton Drive and Hickings Lane, Stapleford

3rd August 2015 Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice, Nottingham County Council Tags: , , , 0 Comments


Great news to report with regards parking problems at the junction of Washington Drive and Hickings Lane.

Nottinghamshire County Council have proposed new traffic regulation orders for Washinghton Drive and Hickings Lane in Stapleford as indicated on the picture above.

They include double yellow lines and a bus stop clearway with no parking (except buses) at any time, opposite Washington Drive. 

These proposals are currently out for consultation with replies required by 1st September.

Notices will soon be put up around the locations and we will also post a link where you can comment on the proposals.

Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae who has been campaigning for this to happen since last summer is very happy with the proposals and is asking that local residents send in comments on the proposal of your support as soon as details are available.

His only concern is that the double yellow lines should be extended to the junction of Ilkeston Road as many people are parking outside the new shops instead of using the on site Car Park and this is a very busy road.

He went on to say that if Nottinghamshire County Council are going to paint double yellow lines then they may as well do the whole road which does need to be done.

If you agree please put that in your replies to the proposals.


  1. j.blaney 6 years Reply

    Thought they had no money charming if they’ve got money to spend what about in stapleford town centre Albert ave want permit parking so residents can park somewhere near there homes when they get home from work but keep getting told no money in there budget

  2. Martin stovin 6 years Reply

    Putting yellow lines down will result in vehicles being parked on the pavements

  3. Ian Mann 6 years Reply

    Parking within 10m or opposite a junction is illegal, as is parking untaxed vehicles and trading vehicles on the street.
    This happens virtually every single day making the junction very dangerous.
    It happens because the law isn’t being enforced.
    Double yellow lines are a good idea but only if the law is enforced, which it currently isn’t.
    This would require someone issuing tickets, cars being towed etc. Yellow lines alone isn’t enough.
    Bollards on the pavement would go further to resolving this issue making it impossible to park on the pavement.

  4. Dave Bosworth 6 years Reply

    Needs sorting

    I hate that junction when you can’t see to pull out , especially when I have the kids in the car and oncoming drivers flash me like it’s my fault I can’t see them!

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